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No one likes to change sheets, but when that sheet change needs to happen in the middle of the night and you’ve only got one hand free, it can be brutal.  But, until QuickZip Sheets from Clouds and Stars came along, there really wasn’t an easy way to change a crib sheet quickly.  And, once you see how easy life can be with the Quick Zip Sheets, you will never go back to traditional crib bedding again.  Organic2_1Because crib mattresses need to fit so snugly inside the crib rails, changing the fitted sheet has always involved taking out the crib bumper, removing the mattress entirely, and then changing the sheet before putting everything back together again.  Imagine if you could instead change the bedding without having to untie and remove everything each time.  Imagine no longer, it’s true – the QuickZip Sheet Sets by Clouds and Stars allows you to leave both the crib bumper and mattress in place and simply zip off the very top of the sheet for quick changes. CloudsnStars QuickZip Sheets are ingenious in their simplicity.  Instead of traditional fitted sheets that stretch to fit around the mattress, two-part QuickZip Sheets are designed to fully encase the crib mattress and stay put securely while still allowing the top to zip off for easy sheet changes, no matter what time of day.  When you first put the sheets on the bed you do have to remove the mattress and bumper, but rest assured that is the last time you will need to take apart the crib bedding.  For the initial QuickZip set up, you simply stretch the base piece over the bottom of the mattress – similar to how a fitted sheet fits, but instead of leaving the back exposed as on a fitted sheet, the top is left exposed on the QuickZip Sheet Set.  The second part of the QuickZip Sheet Set then sets on top of the mattress and zips around the QuickZip Base to create a fully covered mattress. OrganicinsertThe great part is that you can easily add a mattress pad underneath the QuickZip top and then if the bedding gets soiled, you simply unzip the top of the sheet and replace it and the mattress pad if necessary.  The zip off sheet has a covered zipper that allows for a soft place for baby to lay and the zipper pull is then tucked away so baby can’t play with it.  The result is a snugly fitted sheet that doesn’t slip, stretch, or slide off as baby moves and allows for easier sheet changes – seriously, does it get any better than that? Yes, it does!  They offer cotton bedding for cribs, play yards, toddler beds and are now available in twin bed sets, because moms that fall in love with the QuickZip system don’t give it up easily.  The mattress pads are available in different fabrics, including an organic pad that goes perfectly with the Certified Organic Crib Set that we were lucky enough to try.  After our test run with them we really aren’t surprised that the QuickZip Sheets have been collecting awards and creating die-hard fans amongst parents, grandparents and childcare providers.  They have even won the coveted Parent Tested Parent Approved seal of approval in the Green Product category for their Certified Organic Cotton Starter Sheet Set.    SolidCornersPrice: $35 and up for a starter QuickZip set which comes with a base sheet and a QuickZip top.  Clouds and Stars also sells additional QuickZip tops so you can always have a spare on hand.  You can even get 10% off your order by using the coupon code DDD5 image004

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