Can you get fired from the PTO?

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Over the years, I have been involved with our elementary school’s PTO.   The last two years I have held office as the secretary.  Recently, our elementary schools have reorganized, and so our PTO has blended together from three PTO groups to one to cover all of the elementary students.  In May, we held elections and elected the following positions:  President, (2) Vice Presidents (one for each elementary school), Secretary, and Treasurer.  Fast forward to August 3.  We held an unscheduled meeting to discuss fundraising and a few miscellaneous items.  The VP for one of the elementary schools was unable to attend due to a sick relative.  Apparently, the President had requested a meeting with both of the VP’s earlier in the summer and this particular VP also missed that meeting.  Imagine my surprise to hear someone suggest that she be stripped of her duties and we elect a new VP right away for that school.   After some discussion, it was decided that she should be given the opportunity to perform her duties, and if it looks like she cannot, then she will be replaced.  After all, she deserves the benefit of the doubt, right? Last night we had Meet The Teacher night and the PTO was showcasing our fundraiser for the year.    I was told by another member that the President had taken it upon himself to call this VP and ask if she would be able to attend the September meeting.  When she told him she wasn’t sure, as her grandma had just died, he “suggested” to her that she step down and we will fill the position.   He then tells this other member that he will bring it to the group at the September meeting to discuss her replacement again.  I feel that this is wrong on many levels, however, I’m not sure how to handle it.   Is it possible to get “fired” from the PTO, when it is a volunteer organization to begin with?  I don’t feel that missing the unscheduled meeting should be cause for immediate dismissal.  The school year has not yet begun.   Are we now required to attend a certain amount of meetings to keep our “positions”?   At what point do volunteer positions become obligations?  I know that I plan on attending every monthly meeting, however, I cannot say definitively whether or not I will be there.  Things come up, kids get sick, relatives get sick, life happens.    It’s no wonder we can’t get people to volunteer anymore!

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