Back to School with a PTPA Winner: Mabel's Labels

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It’s that time of year again – Back to School season!  Back to School time is notoriously stressful and hectic, as well as being incredibly emotional for both parents and kids.  Although I don’t have a school aged child (yet!), I am the best aunt ever and love taking my nieces and nephews school shopping.  This year, however, I am doing a lot of my school shopping online thanks to PTPA’s list of back to school items.    1017_lFirst thing on my list of things every kid needs is their own personalized labels from Mabel’s Labels.  This is especially true for kids that attend daycare, preschool, sports clubs, or even play groups and have a tendency to walk off without all their belongings when they leave (I’m talking to you, dear nephew).  While the focus here is Back to School, it should be noted that Mabel’s Labels are also incredibly useful for kids who are nowhere near school age, but who also frequently take little items out of the house with them and often lose them while they are out.   Really, personalized labels are a must-have item for kids of all ages, and something I really believe should be required for young children and at least suggested for older kids.  I know I’m not the only parent out there who wholeheartedly agrees, which is why Mabel’s Labels is often raved about online and has even won that coveted PTPA Seal of Approval.     

LolStickySidebar3So, first on my Back to School list is a pack of LOL Labels which are adorable and eye catching as well as completely versatile for baby all the way to adults.  They are perfect for the child who has a schedule of playdates to go to or for kids who are attending daycare or summer camp, or even just for the kids who are constantly battling over which cup is theirs at dinnertime, the LOL labels by Mabel’s Labels ensures all your children’s belongings make it home safely and end up with the right kid at the end of the night.


To shop, you ca head to:

  new-seal-of-approval-125x1252 PTPA Winner - Mabels Labels LOL Pack Giveaway!

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