Trim the Back Fat…

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My first “Thirsty Thursday” Post !! Cheers As of today…Christmas is 79 days away ! Thanks giving is right around the corner ! Halloween, mere days aways! The temptations will be endless as will the LIBATIONS! How can you say no? And quite frankly, why would you want to? As human beings (women)  we work so hard all year long. Our jobs, our families, our friends, we give 200% on a regular basis and damn it…we deserve to enjoy the season and all (the buffet ) it has to offer. I don’t count calories…never have. I’m not very good with math. I’ve never been on a diet, I have zero will power and like booze and ice cream way too much. I have had 4 kids and have been so many sizes I lost track. I am a firm believer in “everything in moderation” …except Martinis..(right Candice ;) ). So this holiday season, go for the and be FABULOUS and enjoy every last second and make every day a Deck the Halls kind of day. Just make some good choices and you will still be able to fit into your Lycra cat suit for New Years Eve… Here’s some tidbits that help me and my wobbly bits- 1- VODKA only has 56 calories and ZERO grams of fat and NO CARBS! – a plain 1 ounce rice cake, 111 calories, 18 grams of fat and 23 grams of carbs. NOT such a tough choice, pass the tonic. 2- RED WINE - 750ml Bottle, 510 calories. I see no reason to count by the glass, like I said, I’m no mathematician. 1 cup of Flax seed has 722 calories, yes it does a bunch of other good stuff, but have you tried to drink it? 3- CHAMPAGNE- A 250 ml glass, 190 calories. A 1/2 cup of stuffing has approx 190 calories. So which one would you like to toast in the New Year with? Just keep in mind when you are creating your fabulous libations, it’s what’s inside that counts. Meaning, choose the right mixes. Stay away from syrupy liqueurs and creamy concoctions. There are several deevine low calorie juices on the market that you can shake up into a fantastic signature cocktail for your holiday season. CHEERS! “I hate my Kankles” Kamikaze 2 ounces raspberry vodka 2 ounces un-sweetened orange juice  (pulp free) 1 ounce blueberry juice Shake all ingredients well and serve over ice in a tall glass. Garnish with a 15 mile hike…Yeah…WHATEVER!

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