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As mothers, we encounter many cute products and others that are useful but may seem a little over the top. For example, there are two very distinct camps of people who will and will not use “Baby On Board” signs on their cars. For whatever reasons, some mamas love ‘em, others – not so much. I kind of felt that way about those sticker families that go on cars. They’re cute and all but I just didn’t think they were my thing. Secretly, I may have thought they were a bit too “Sunshine Family”, if you know what I mean. But that all changed when I had my sixth baby and had to upgrade my vehicle to a 9-seater Suburban. I went out and bought those little family stickers the very next day. The reason? I didn’t want people to think I was driving a ridiculously huge gas-guzzling vehicle around town with only one or two kids in the back. Those stickers were my disclaimer – I needed to drive that monstrosity of a truck. I was not simply driving it around because I liked sticking it to the environment. What I did learn was that those sticker things are fun. My kids loved picking out their own sticker character, reflecting individual interests and personalities. The other interesting point is that we seem to have provided some entertainment to the general public. Whenever I return to my parked vehicle, there is a small crowd around the back of it and I’m greeted with that age-old question: “Do you really have that many kids?” I got mine down at the local craft supply store ( but I know they can be purchased online at

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