Color your own music… what?!

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MusiColor Music Player Review! Oh, technology, why do you make all sorts of cool things possible after I’m too old to play with all your new inventions?  Case in point, the MusiColor player by Delta Creative, which brings together two of my absolute favorite kid activities in one technologically advanced bundle.  This is not one of those “why didn’t I think of that?” products, and instead occupies an entirely different category, the “how on earth did anyone think of that?” products. The MusiColor is a turntable styled player with a rotating base and an arm that reads the music discs.  Just like the toy record players of my youth, the MusiColor player can captivate kids for hours and really allow their appreciation of music to develop at a young age.  Even cooler is that the MusiColor plays children’s tunes through the built-in speakers at the push of a button in your choice of piano, horn or violin notes, which can even be switched back and forth mid-tune so your Mozart can really get creative.    But, that’s not even the coolest part.  The “discs” that the MusiColor is playing are what makes this product Rave worthy, and why this was our top pick of presents for our 4 year old nephew this last Christmas.  Instead of plastic or vinyl records as played on the record players of old, this little music player reads colored sheets that your little one has created, making this one of the most innovative children’s products we’ve seen in a long time. Musicolor_New_Pkg_v4_RGB_Lores So, here’s the basics of how the MusiColor works: Your little artist colors by number (or, letter, as the case may be) on the coloring discs using the included Music Note Markers, taking care to match the music note pens with the correct lettered object.  After your artist is finished, you then pop the colored disc onto the MusiColor player, turn the turntable on and press play.  And that’s when our friend technology steps in, allowing the MusiColor turntable arm to “read” the colored discs and play back one of 14 popular children’s songs based on the colors your artist has rendered.  While the technical aspects of the MusiColor are a complete mystery to me, what is clear is that this is going to be a huge hit with kids aged 4 and up. While my four year old nephew made a few minor mistakes in the color by letter introduction, he actually was able to create some recognizable (while not perfect) renditions of the popular tunes, and had a blast doing it.  The two different colors of “C” note pens was a bit confusing to him, but it made for a great opportunity to explain keys and octaves (and yes, I’m fairly certain he still thinks I’m crazy).  While an older child might have taken more away from the lesson, he got the basic idea that following directions carefully and coloring inside the lines can make for some beautiful results.    As much fun as the pre-printed color by letter discs are, I am so excited by the inclusion of the 5 Create-A-Song discs so kids can really experiment with music and actually learn the basics of composing.  While your little one’s musical masterpiece may be more of a work in progress, every minute spent composing is a learning experience, and one that very few toys can replicate.  Every wrong note is another chance to learn the basics of musical composition, and every right note is proof that play can sometimes lead to unexpected results… and in this case, rockin’ tunes.  Get the PTPA winning Musicolor at Delta Creative for $49.99.  Watch a YouTube video of the MusiColor in action

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