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Usually I use this blog space to have some fun, write about silly things, cocktails, friendships, fashion…all the things I find fun and entertaining… But today I am using to write about something serious…disgusting…and SCARY AS SHIT! So…there I was, minding my own business, grocery shopping with my 2 youngest Weeva’s, as I do every week. When near the end of my outing I notice a man ( I use this term loosely) standing about 3/4 feet behind me. Instantly I get the stomach flip and creepy feeling, so I walk about 3 feet and he follows. He is “Pretending” to read a medicine bottle, odd since we are about 8 isle away from the medicine… I move again…and he does the same. When I stop…he stops…then I look down and see his iPhone in his hand and notice that it is in camera mode…I know this because I have one and use the camera often…This is when my whole body gets HOT..BURNING HOT… I immediately turn around and take a giant step towards the man and yell…… “WHAT THE FUCK IS YOUR PROBLEM?” Yes I YELLED the F-Word infront of my children, in public and AS LOUD AS I COULD…I am now sorry that I did not follow it up with a right hook…I have a mean ass right hook… After my outburst he immediately ran…I then went to find security or a store manager…SOMEBODY…I need to tell SOMEBODY…SOMEBODY has to find out what’s on that camera. I was shaking and ANGRY…I don’t think I have ever felt so ANGRY in all my life. It happened so fast and was so bizarre, but my mind and heart were vibrating. I finally found Joe the Security…I changed his name to protect the “Idiots”…not the innocent. This guy was a joke, lunch in hand he care more about his sun sandwich then what happens in the store. The only information I got from him, scared me even more… “Oh yes mam…this is not the first complaint we have had about this happening”… AND……….that’s ok with you???? A pervy dude just tried to take pics of my kids….in the grocery store… When I got home I immediately called the store manager and the police. I may have sounded like a crazy person…but I have been called worse. THIS IS NOT OK !!! As a women…in life I was taught to … Look both ways before you cross the street. Look around the parking garage before you walk to your car. Look in the backseat of your car before you get in at nite. Look in the hallway of your hotel before you go in your room when travelling alone. Look for a tan line on his left hand ring finger…ok maybe that one is not a life saver…. BUT no one ever told me to … Look behind you when your grocery shopping… Now I am telling you…. LOOK BEHIND YOU WHEN YOUR SHOPPING …………and listen to your gut…it will never steer you wrong…

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