Our new hang out…PTPA winner IndigoKids!

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I am so lucky….my 7 year old has ALWAYS love books and continues to have a joy for reading anything…science, adventure, graphic novels and now he is tackling Harry Potter! So, when we were asked to go visit a IndigoKids with a $50 gift card….we were so excited!  Timing couldn’t have been better, as we were just about to embark on a 2 week road trip and we needed some new books for the journey.  I gave both my boys $25 to spend in the store and get something to take away on our summer adventure.  I admit, that I knew Ty could find at least 2 books, but I wasn’t sure what Jayden would find for $25.  I didn’t think that $50 would really go that far.  When we walked through the front doors at the newly renovated IndigoKids in Newmarket, we didn’t have to ask for directions to the kid’s section!  From the very front of the store, the decor of the back section was calling us to check it out.  It was kind of like walking into Wonderland…the decor and colours were so much fun, the display fixtures and seating were whimsical and the store was dividing into a book section and toy section!  Both boys took off in separate directions to explore.  My 4 year old son made a beeline for the dress up clothes and I was scared to walk over to see what he had chosen.  My son LOVES to dress up and role play so we collected lots of different costumes for hi to use with his imagination.  This time he had on a colourful, satin racer jacket and a soft helmet and transformed into a Racecar Driver.  I crossed my fingers as I checked the price….it was 30% off!!!  He had found his $25 item and I was thrilled that it was so reasonably priced!  Ty found some awesome Harry Potter items on a table that was everything Hogwarth’s!  We spent at least 40 minutes in the store, exploring and reading through our choices to make the final pick.  We sat at the table and then in the tea cup to read some books that we didn’t decide to buy.  I loved looking through all the retro toys and showing the boys what I liked to play with when I was younger.  The prices were really amazing and totally changed my perception of IndigoKids.  They had toys at every price point including $5 and $10 bins!  I even picked up some travel games that cost under $10 and PlayMobil figures for $3.97 to surprise the kids on the car ride. The best part of the visit was that there was a cash desk and salesperson dedicated to this section.  I didn’t have to bring the kids out of the fun to make the purchases!  I really loved this feature, as they could still explore while I processed the sale!  I was thrilled to hear that they had just launched the new PLUM Rewards system and new FREE program to earn rewards at Indigo! I am totally not surprised that IndigoKids is now a PTPA Winner!  As a parent, I appreciate how much thought went into not only the product and design, but in the total shopping experience.

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