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I love baby wearing. I think its a wonderful way to snuggle up with your little one. Its a fast and easy way to carry your baby when doing a quick errand and using a carrier can be great exersise. I had been using infant carriers for a while now but it was time for me to move to a carrier that was more suitable for my baby. I was so delighted to try the Boba carrier with my little guy. The Boba Carrier is an ergonomic soft carrier designed for babies and toddlers. It has two carrying positions. They are  front carry and back carry positions. It has a hip belt that distributes your childs weight evenly. The shoulders on the carrier are very well padded and take the pressure off your shoulders. To secure the carrier you simply snap it into place behind your neck if using the front carry position or at chest level if using the back carry position. I was impressed with my new Boba carrier from the minute I opened the envelope it came in. I loved the packaging it came in. I proceeded to open the box and LOVED the green swirl pattern of my new Organic Boba Carrier. I quickly read through my instruction manual and put it to the test right away. My little guy loved it right away. This carrier is extremely easy to use.

Front Carry: The carrying position I use most is the front carry position. Its very easy to get my 10 month old in and out of this position. I also love the hood on the carrier. My son has fallen asleep a few times when in the carrier. The hood is great for when this happens. It holds his head forward when he’s snoozing away. Back Carry: I also love the back carry position. Since my son is still small I do need my husband to get him in position on my back. I am confident that once he is bigger and can stand I will only need to have him “piggy back” me for a moment and I’ll have him snapped into place in no time. Foot Straps: A feature I really like about the Boba Carrier is the foot straps. These little foot straps are easy to get in the right place and easy to get little feet into. My son loves using the foot straps. I like them because it allows me to make sure he hasn’t lost his shoes and assures me that he’s sitting properly in the carrier. Overall this carrier is of excellent quality. It is easy to use, is extremely soft and is compact. I highly recommend you check out this carrier if you are in the market for one. Promo Code: Boba has been generous enough to offer my readers a 10% off Promo Code on your next Boba Carrier purchase. Use code BabyStuff10 on their website at checkout. Promo Code expires Dec 31,2011.

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