Aqueduck Review

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A Review I did before becoming a PTPA Blogaholic. But I noticed this product won the seal and thought I would share my review, enjoy :D Aqueduck Faucet Extender This is the most simple, yet coolest idea I have run across yet. Its one of those “Well DUH” moments you have when you see a product that just seems like it would have been invented YEARS ago.I have a 3 year old son, and at the moment everything he does means he needs to wash his hands after. He is always running into the bathroom screaming about washing his hands and then we either have to help him or find the stool. After the 5th time doing this in 3 hours we start the stubborn match. You know, who can out stubborn the other. Normally the 3 year old wins…he just has this pitch to his voice that I will do anything to make go away! When I came across this product I was so excited! This seemed to be the answer to my problems! With the Aqueduck it brings the water to you, instead of you going to the water.It fits easily over most faucets .  My son LOVES his. He doesn’t make a mess and he isn’t hurting his poor tummy trying to reach the water. Best of all, I’m not hurting my back trying to pick him up! Aqueduck is priced really great too. only 12.99 HERE. It also comes in pink too:) View winnersSe...jpg in slide show Disclaimer: Although the writer did receive a free product, the writer of this review did not receive any kind of monetary compensation. This review is the honest unbiased opinion of the writer only.

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