Sippy Sure The Medicine Dispensing Sippy Cup [PTPA Winner Review]

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I’ve been fortunate that my three year has usually not fussed much about taking any medicine, but there have been a few occasions when she wasn’t quite willing to sip it down.  I can specifically remember an antibiotic that she hated and, to be honest, I tried a bit and I would not have wanted to take it either.  So, I was intrigued by the Sippy Sure Medicine Dispensing Sippy Cup.  Sippy Sure is the world’s first medicine dispensing sippy cup. Its patented design creates a spill and leak proof cup that keeps medicine and your child’s favorite drink separate until they are ready to drink. As the child drinks from the cup, the medicine is mixed with the drink concealing the medicine and easily giving the child their medicine. Sippy Sure helps make giving medicine to children easier and with less stress and frustration.

My daughter did not need to take any medicine while we were reviewing the cup, so I decided to get a little creative.  Thanks to me, my little one likes chocolate milk or strawberry milk but is not a big fan of plain old milk.  She’s become quite the little milk connoisseur and will promptly inform you if you have not put enough chocolate or strawberry syrup in her milk!  So, to try out the Sippy Sure, I put plain milk in the medicine cup and her flavored milk in the larger part of the cup.  She never noticed.  She also now uses this cup on a daily basis and I have been much more pleased with it than many of the other sippy cups I have purchased.  I found the Sippy Sure to be much easier to clean and much sturdier.  We have had it for over two months now.  After many trips through the dishwasher and the wear and tear inflicted by a 3-year-old, the cup still looks brand new.

It’s been an easy fall for us and she hasn’t had to take any medicine that she doesn’t like, but at least I know is she does, I now have the solution in my cabinet. It is no surprise that the Sippy Sure Medicine Dispensing Cup is a PTPA Winner!

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