Vortex Color-Changing Toothpaste [PTPA Winner Review]

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Some products are just a whole lot of fun to review and Vortex Color-Changing Toothpaste is one of those products.  Vortex Color-Changing Toothpaste was invented by Dr. Howard Wright, DDS and is a brand-new, patented toothpaste intended to solve children’s poor brushing habits. Simple physics make the red and blue toothpaste combine together to form a vivid purple; by brushing vigorously, kids delight in watching the toothpaste change color. Kids also start to truly enjoy the brushing experience with Vortex Color-Changing Toothpaste, as Vortex contains no choking foaming agent.  Kids love the color-changing element, and parents love the virtual absence of artificial ingredients. As a rule my daughter enjoys brushing her teeth, so that hasn’t been our battle ground.  However, our battle was which toothpaste she would use.  Some days she wanted to use ours and some days she wanted to use the milder children’s toothpaste we had purchased for her.  The battle ended the first time that she used the Vortex Color-Changing Toothpaste.  As I put the toothpaste on the toothbrush the first time, she began to comment on the pink and blue.  Once she started brushing and saw that her toothpaste was turning purple, she loved it!  We no longer battle over the toothpaste and she is more than happy to tell anyone she can that her toothpaste turns purple when she brushes her teeth.  I did wonder if her mouth would be purple after she brushed her teeth, but my fears were unfounded.  As soon as she rinsed her mouth, she was back to pearly whites and pink gums. I definitely liked the fact the toothpaste has fewer artificial ingredients than most of the children’s toothpastes available, but really is was more about her reaction to this toothpaste.  Morning and bedtime rituals are so much easier now.  She loves to watch the toothpaste change colors and I love to not fight over the toothpaste.  Everybody wins!  This toothpaste does have a suggested retail price of $6.95 which is higher than I would normally pay for toothpaste.  However, I know how much time I have saved with her using this toothpaste, so I think it’s worth the investment! I already loved being a PTPA Blogaholic and doing product reviews, but this product made it even more fun and productive.

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