Today I Ate a Rainbow Review

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As a busy Mom I sometimes find it hard to remember what fruits and vegetables we have eaten during the day and what we still need to eat to get our required servings. I had been following Kia from Today I Ate a Rainbow on Twitter and decided to check out their product. Their website shows the great products they offer to help families track with the help of the chart and the magnets. This is such a great visual add for young children. Our family started using the chart as soon as we received. It has become a competition between the three of us to see who could receive their Rainbow magnet for getting all 5 coloured magnets for that day. It also helps me determine what we have not eaten yet during the day and I try to include it in our dinner. Today E and I have both eaten all 5 colours and received our magnets. By using this chart and the Rainbow Bunch book E is starting to understand what foods are fruits and vegetables and how important they are. The book has been a regular for our bedtime stories and shows how when the children did not eat fruits and veggies they had trouble in school, were tired and often were sick. She now knows all their names and that Yoshi is tired because he did not eat his fruits and veggies. I love how this is a great Canadian product developed by parents who knew how important it was for their young daughter to eat all her fruits and veggies throughout the day.This helps us all keep track of what we ate throughout the day and J is also beginning to eat more because he can have a magnet too! Be sure to check out this great company on their website, follow them on Twitter and Like them on Facebook. This chart will be used in our family for a long time to come.

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