Interview With a 2 Year Old

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Have you ever tried interviewing your youngster? If you have you may have found the answers your child provided to be quiet amusing. It’s so much fun to watch a child’s mind flood full of creativity and imagination. I’ll admit when I was younger, my Mom used to interview me at the beginning of each school year. Just basic little questions. My Mom stored all these interviews from over the years in a keepsake box. Little did I know that she was doing this. On the weekend, she came by for a visit and surprised me with it. I was speechless. In a good way. I spent a good part of Saturday just skimming through… chuckling, smiling and reliving old memories.

Oddly enough last week I sat my 2 and a half year old down and decided to interview her. Some of the answers she gave were hilarious. I will continue to do this each year and create a memory box that one day I, too, will pass down to her. Here’s my interview with my daughter… My comments are in the brackets.

1. What is something mommy always says to you? Be careful. (Ain’t that the truth!) 2. What makes you happy? Chocolate. (You’d think she takes after her chocoholic Momma or something) 3. What makes you sad? No milk. (Y’think… God forbid her sippy cup ever runs low on milk!) 4. What makes you laugh? Santa and Fresh Beat Band (Hmm…. I would’ve thought you’d say Momma or Cameron) 5. How old are you?(Not yet, my dear) 6. How old is Mommy? 22 (Oh how I wish!) 7. How old is Daddy? Goldfish (Umm…) 8. What is your favorite thing to do? Wash bunny. (That’s her lovey. Bunny never leaves her side) 9. Who is your best friend? Penguins (Apparently crackers are her besties… Make sense she is a funny cracker) 10. What do you want to be when you grow up? Lion. 11. What are you really good at? Riding horsey. Weeeeee! 12. What are you not very good at? Listening (Hmm… At least she admits it) 13. What is your favorite food? French Fries 14. What is your favorite song? Twinkle, Twinkle…. and….. FUNNY SONG! (Funny song is Sexy and I Know It – LMFAO… she giggles up a storm whenever she hears it)
15. What do you want for (holiday or birthday) this year? Tickle truck (Trunk? I think she means tickle trunk…) 16. What is your favorite animal? Pigs 17. What is love? Love is pink. 18. What does mommy/daddy do for work? Daddy = Dancer (I always wondered what he was doing during his overtime hours ;))… Mommy = Cleaning (It’s true… I need to not clean the house so damn much) 19. Where do you live? Daddy’s house (Uh… I thought it was Mommy’s house too.) 20. Where is your favorite place to go? Airplane (Cue kicking and screaming fit now… followed up with shrieking “go on airplane… aiiiiirrrplaaneee!”)

Do you interview your youngster? If not give it a whirl. I’m sure some of the answers you get will warrant a good laugh or at the very least a smile! – Nicole

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