My First Hello on PTPA

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Hello everyone! I am so thrilled to be a new Blogaholic for PTPA! Here’s a little bit about me and what to expect from my posts and my own blog. Back in my college days, I studied English Literature an imagined a life as a journalist, jetting off to important events. Within a short period of time, my dream became a reality. I moved to Milan, Italy, with my husband and then I slowly but surely became a fashion columnist for a UK magazine. It was exciting, fresh, current and fun! I got to meet amazing designers, work on incredible projects and review fabulous apparel and furniture, as well as a few local gems and trend spots. It was awesome. But this life was in no way conducive to children and a family life. I saw some try to manage, but they were few and far between. The fashion world is very vain and children don’t fit in that category. For that reason, I was always out of my element because I adored children, long before I had any of my own. So one fine day my husband and I decided to move back to good old Montreal and start a family. One beautiful baby was born, then two…at the same time! Since then we have been B-U-S-Y! All the running around in one of the fashion capitals of the world was nothing compared to this! And you know what? I love it! Journalism was what I wanted for my career, but this is what I wanted for my life. As a new mom with sleepless nights, I felt the itch again. Not really in fashion, although sometimes I would love a good night out to discuss things like wardrobe and beauty! No, for me the itch was simply to write again. And now, I had a new and much more important subject: family. As soon as I found out I was pregnant, I was reading and researching, as only a journalist would, to find the best products on the market. Lord knows, there are enough products out there to make your head spin! So for nine months, I…well, I worked at getting the most knowledge I could on products that my little one was going to need, and going to want. I was one of the first of my friends to have children, so I became the go-to for information on the latest and greatest products on the market in my area. I was always analyzing products based on safety, educational benefit and downright fun! When my girlfriends got a suggestion from me, it wasn’t just because I liked the color of the product. I had pros and cons, and I could tell them the details of the product that would suit their needs. So with my writing background and all this knowledge of baby and toddler products, I set forth to discover the writing world online, specifically blogging. And here I am! I hope you will find my reviews helpful and you can be sure they will be honest. I can’t wait to begin reviewing for PTPA! You can also find me at or on Twitter @AskMamaMOE – looking forward to meeting more readers and PTPA Blogaholics soon!

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