InnoTab The Learning App Tablet by VTech ~ PTPA Winner~ [ R Little Reviewers]

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It’s all the rage these days, tablets, apps, e-readers. Mom’s have them, Dad’s have them, we all are enjoying our personal gadgets and devices. And the kids are sneaking them every chance they can. OK well mine are! I got Apps for them on my gadgets and e-books for them on my e-reader.

If only there was something for the kids…. Hummm….

Well now there is welcome to the hottest gift this Christmas! The must have on your children’s wish list!

InnoTab The Learning App Tablet by VTech

I was so lucky to be asked to review this wonderful learning tablet for kids through PTPA!

InnoTab The Learning App Tablet by VTech has recently been Parent Tested, Parent Approved Award Winner.

Meaning that parents like you and me, have already given it the PTPA seal of approval!

Its rated 4-9 years old here is what R Little Reviewers have to say about the Inno Tab!

Me: What do you like about the Inno Tab? C (5.5) I like about it because I can see it in the dark. I like about it because you can stand it up by its self. I like you can play games and school work. I like that I can paint on it. I like painting. I like that you can look at some pictures. I like it’s a touch screen or you can even use the pen too. I like that it reads stories to you and I can draw ABC’s. And I like about it there is a game board, I like the penguin game because it’s challenging for me. It’s so pretty when it sings sounds.

Me: Is there anything you don’t like about it? C (5.5) I want to have more games on it.

Our 5 year old moves around it effortlessly. Reading playing games, doing math or enjoying her creative side drawing a picture, listening to her favorite tunes!

Me: What do you like about the Inno Tab? L (3.5) I like the games! I like pinball letters because you can get a star.

Our 3 year old also loves it. He really enjoys the solo time to sit quietly and play a game or 2. He plays with it without a problem, so well I never hear a peep from him!

Me: What do you like about the Inno Tab? K (2) I like this!

Our 2 year old once he is set up loves the Art Studio, and scribbles a master piece!

The 5” touch screen makes it easy for the Children to move around between the learning tools effortlessly. Giving them confidence!

The only problem I have found is I need 2 more. There are many disagreements over whose turn is next! In all honestly the kids even gather and play together, which is very nice to see that it can also be shared.

V-Tech also has Inno Tab Software with all your children’s Disney Friends!

I am happy to say I have found the toy that will entertain, teach, and keep their short attention span! Giving me, time to cook dinner!

Thanks for Reading this review done by In R Dream family!

(Thank you to PTPA for this review opportunity. All opinions are In R Dream’s !)

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