Reflecting & Dreaming

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With a new year, only day’s away. I believe it’s important to take the time to reflect. Did you meet your goals for 2011? Was there an event that stands out strong among the rest?

As I sit back and reflect on R amazing year, I cannot help but see how truly blessed it’s been for me!

  • The birth of R 4th child! So amazing, healthy and beautiful! My last pregnancy, so the purge of all my maternity clothes and the goodbye, and welcome to a new stage in R lives!
  • All the milestones R family has enjoyed as the kids climb the ladder of life. Talking, eating, sharing, getting dressed, reading, seeing words, learning 123, learning ABC, leaning how to soothe, no more soother, sleeping in a big boy bed, and all the fun we enjoyed along the way!
  • The wonderful trips R family has enjoyed! The laughs, the smiles, the tears and the fun!
  • The new world of blogging I have stumbled across, which has taken my enjoyment of writing, and testing. Opening so many wonderful doors for R family!
  • The renovations that have taken over and were welcomed in R home!

I could ramble on all day, about the amazing year 2011 was for R family! Although it wasn’t prefect, it was prefect for me!

Now is also the time to write your goals for the upcoming year!

What do you want to accomplish this year? What are the goals you have in place for your family?
This is something that is proven! If you write it down, it will most likely happen just the way you want! Either a vision board or a simple piece of paper, seeing it and saying it over and over again will make it believable and reachable!

A few goals I will be adding this year is to become more fit and healthy! OK, I know everyone slips this one into place Jan 1 of each year! The difference is I have done it before! I am not calling this a diet or a weight lost. I hate those words, I am calling it get healthy. I will be changing my bad habits (chocolate) and putting some simple changes into place that I may have slipped away from over the many years of pregnancy, after pregnancy, after pregnancy, after pregnancy. No more white foods, more greens, less red meat, more fiber, and only dark chocolate. I got a blender for Christmas and will be putting it to work, whipping up some delis smoothies! Simple goals “I KNOW I WILL ACHIEVE” On top of the personal goals, we like to add renovations and improvements for R home! R home is not just a place we live in. It’s R pride! We spend lot’s of time and money improving it, making it just prefect for us! All well making R investment grow! So there will be some of that for us to look forward to in 2012! Grab your paper and pen, pull out your family album, ReflectDream! We wish you a Wonderful, Inspiring, Wealthy, Healthy, Loving, 2012!

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