Cooking? There's an app for that!

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I don’t know many people who love to meal plan, but good news there’s an App for that!  To the rescue comes BigOven, a PTPA Winner! BigOven is a website dedicated entirely to cooking and meal planning and contains 20,000+ recipes. Even the pickiest of families is sure to find something here that everyone will love. You can sign up for a BigOven account for free and have access to tons of great recipes.  In addition to that you can drag and drop your meals into a menu plan and get access to your recipes on the go via iPhone, iPad, Android or the web. BigOven also offers a Premium membership for the low cost of $15.99/yr. For this additional fee you can create your grocery lists from your menu plan, add recipes privately and ensure you are eating healthy by having access to the nutritional information of each recipe. I was lucky enough to be able to test this app out as part of the Parent Tested Parent Approved program and it has now become a go-to for me on a weekly basis when planning our meals.  One of our faves are the Chicken Flautas! I love that people have rated and posted their reviews on each recipe.  Other users often give great tips on how to enhance meal and if 1000 people give something 5 out of 5 stars – that is a must try in my books. If you are sick of the same meals day in and day out check out BigOven, you won’t be disappointed.

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