Sailun ICEBLAZER Tire ~PTPA Winner ~ VIDEO Test Drive Review

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As I have mentioned before (read here or here) I love trucks over cars, any day! The bigger the better, more rumble equals more love! But there is one other feature that stands out on a truck for me and I know my hubby would agree. It’s a nice set of tread and rims! When R family got the opportunity to test drive some tread through PTPA, I knew daddy would be in his glory. His first manly PTPA review, on a topic he felt comfortable with! I too had a cheek to cheek smile that was permanent! When you live in snow country like us, good tire tread is a must. R all seasons were not living up to their word and losing all confidence we had in them. Plus they were on their last season! As soon as we picked up R new Sailun ICEBLAZER tires the appointment was made and winter rims were purchased! Now all we had to wait for was the snow….It’s been a fairly dry season, but we did get a few snow storms to test drive on! The results were amazing! Speechless at moments! How can a compounded recipe made with GREEN compounds be this AMAZING on the snow? Sailun ICEBLAZER tires personally  boosted my confidence in winter driving since we installed Sailun ICEBLAZER tires. Words cannot say how AMAZING Sailun ICEBLAZER tires have been, so we brought R video camera along so you can see for yourself! The grade this time was ICE and a whole lot of it! The Lincoln Navigator is R truck, which is equipped with the Sailun ICEBLAZERTire.

The Dodge Durango is Papa’s truck, equipped with your common all season tires. With lots of life left on them!

There are 4 Videos Reviews each one has a different challenge!

  • 0-60
  • Tug- A- War
  • Braking Challenge
  • ICE Shredding

Listen to R Little Reviewers in the background they clearly seen the results as well (with no bribery!) WARNING: Do not try this at home! We didn’t we went somewhere else!

R U with us? AMAZING Eh? Sailun Tires recently has been recognized by PTPA and has been a recent winner, and stamped with their Parent Tested, Parent Approved seal. Here is a PTPA parent tester evaluation on Sailun Tires

You slip you slide, perhaps a spin! Welcome to Canadian winters! We all have been there right? Sailun Tires will bring back the confidence in your winter driving, keeping your family safe during the harsh Canadian winter’s! Slush, Freezing rain, and snow all appear to be no issue with SailunTires on your ride! With common scene driving and Sailun’s affordable tires, you can venture out. With traction, and confidence on your side!

These tires performed better than I expected. My wife and myself both feel more confident driving our kids around in the winter weather now. They performed very well in snow, slush and ice. Highly recommended!

You too can become a PTPA tester, sign up for FREE today! CONGRATULATIONS SAILUN TIRES on your recent PTPA Win! Thanks for Reading this review done by In R Dream family! (A BIG THANK YOU to PTPA and Sailun Tires for the opportunity to Test Dive and Review Sailun ICEBLAZER Tires, all opinions on R blog R ours!)

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