Mayim Bialik: Beyond the Sling

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Hey Mamas! I just came across this amazing book. Haven’t read it yet, but intend to do so. It is causing a lot of stir in hollywood and world-wide at the moment. Would love to know what your views are on the topic of attachment parenting.
I never thought I would be the type of parent who had my child stuck to me like glue 24 hours a day. Then ‘Cookie’ came into this world and it sent me on a world-wind change, a change that surprised everyone around me. I found myself completely submerged into his world, as a mother, a teacher and a friend. I am a firm believer that the first few years of a child’s life sets them up for a prospective future if utilized correctly….so far so good I guess ;) You see, many would disagree with the way I parent. I have nursed both my children on demand to the point where they have self-weaned, I have dedicated my at-home experience to holding my children in my arms to the point where I had no strength-just to make them feel secure, and I have only left them with another person (hubby included) if it was absolutely necessary (about 20 times- ds is 5).
I do not believe that there is a right way to parent, or a wrong way. However, I do believe that for ME this is the way I feel secure, happiest and most importantly accomplished.
Take a look:
Hollywood and the Tabloids are going nuts over Mayim Bialik’s new book–not because of her success, but rather her ‘different’ approach to parenting. With a PhD in neuroscience from UCLA, and two kids under her belt. Mayim Bialik tackles a new book on Parenting. This former ‘Blossom’ star, is an avid contender to ‘attachment’ parenting and has set out her thoughts through the introduction to ‘Beyond the Sling.’ She talks about breastfeeding for as long as possible, holding the child for the first year (as much as possible), and nighttime parenting (co-sleeping). She also includes a chapter on “Elimination Communication. Here are some things included in this book:
-Baby Wearing
-Gentle Discipline
For many of you, this may seem extreme. For Mayim, it is working out just fine. She says this way of parenthood is a ‘natural, child-led approach not only felt right emotionally, it made sense intellectually and instinctually.’
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