Spring Craft for Kids

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Spring is definitely here!  The stunning blue skies, warm sun, flowers and greenery eagerly trying to emerge from their Winter slumber, and all of the amazing wildlife can now be seen.  Everyone’s excited about Spring!  We saw 36 deer in one of our fields, 13 deer in the field closest to our barn, a few Sandhill Cranes, Phoebes, and Mourning Doves! Little One wanted to do a Spring Craft to celebrate the arrival of Spring! I have to admit, I was really busy and could only muster getting the paints out. No fancy, involved, labour-intensive craft for us this time. Fortunately for me, paints are all Little One needs to keep her happy! MATERIALS

  • Acid-free paper
  • Tempera paints of various colours
  • Plastic containers or trays for paints
  • Washcloth for cleaning up

Yes, that’s all!

  1. Let your child pick the paint colours he or she would like to use. Little One dipped her hands in red and blue paint. Initially, I wanted to apply paint on her little hands with a paint brush, but she decided to forgo that process entirely!
  2. On a piece of paper, let child place palms of hands firmly, side by side so that the hand prints form a butterfly shape.
  3. Let child make any embellishments or final details and then let dry! It’s a ridiculously easy craft and a great way to capture those tiny hand prints! I’m thinking of doing this every Spring so that we can show Little One how much her hands have grown each year.  She actually made several Butterfly Hand Prints because she wanted to give some to her grandparents, aunts, and uncles
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