Pregnancy looks great on you!

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Hi Moms (to-be)! Welcome to our newest PTPA Pregnancy Blog! What a thrilling time for you!  Carrying and seeing a child into this world is one of the most (if not the most) amazing joys in this world and truly a time to cherish and most importantly, a time to take the best care of yourself. As an expecting mom and a blogger, I’m always intrigued and thankful to read the many wonderful pregnancy-related posts on the web.  Thank goodness for the magnificent world of Technology! I know many people prefer not to gain their main resource and advice from the web, but it’s really incredible how much you actually can learn — from medical professionals and from other moms, just like you and I, that have experienced the joys (and pains) of pregnancy. Much like a best friend, having a place on the web that you can turn to for advice, tips or even just a good laugh, this blog strives to include a variety of posts for the expecting mom. The main focus of this blog is to provide personal pregnancy posts (from myself) as I “waddle” through this pregnancy journey and also other pregnancy articles that have inspired me in some way, even fun giveaways! I also hope to include guests posts from other pregnant moms and would also love to see your questions and interaction on this blog as often as possible.  I’d love to build a community of expecting moms over here on the PTPA Pregnancy Blog!  If you have any suggestions, questions, comments or even just want to chat, you can always send me an email at: So grab that mocktail (or glass of milk with a side of chewy chocolate chip cookies) and read on! Thanks for joining us and I hope you have a wonderful, safe & of course, enjoyable pregnancy.

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