PTPA Award Winner Encourages Empowerment, Self Confidence & Self Esteem

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With society displaying images of young girls wearing short skirts, tight tops, 7 year olds with cell phones and stick thin models it can be a challenge for young girls to feel empowered from the inside and learn to love their own mind, body and spirit. My company Little Lotus Yoga teaches children’s yoga classes to children of all ages and I am seeing more and more young girls who struggle with self esteem and peer pressure as they attempt to steer themselves through our complicated society with images and messages of thin is best, pretty are those who wear short skirts and tight tops and being mean to other young girls is acceptable. The book “You Are SOOOOO Beautiful” is a wonderful empowering book that highlights the beauty of self-confidence, inner empowerment and discovering that each individual is truly beautiful in their own way.  This book welcomes children to discover their own personality; uniqueness and creating an environment that ensures children learn to believe in themselves and the beauty that lies within. This PTPA Award Winner has been an excellent addition to not only our families bookshelves but within my children’s yoga classes as we emphasis the importance of inner beauty, self confidence, self esteem and celebrating each individuals uniqueness within the world. I highly recommend this book for any young girl, of any age!  It is important that we foster an environment that encourages young girls, tomorrow’s leaders, to feel alive and happy within their own mind, bodies and spirits. Want to connect with Leanne Power, the fabulous author? Follow her on twitter at @leanne_power Check out her Facebook page to share in great discussions, articles, posts and more.  I highly recommend that you “like” Leanne’s Facebook page to stay in the know and continue to let your inner self shine!! I am very excited to share with you that we will be offering a GIVEAWAY so YOU can have a chance to share this wonderful book with your children at home!!  Three lucky people will be receiving You are SOOOO Beautiful, this fantastic PTPA Winner. For an opportunity to win this great book please leave a comment below sharing how you will reach out to a young girl and empower her to be true to herself, feel comfortable in her own skin and let her true beauty shine. Remember that we need to practice what we preach.  Remember to talk tall today and shine from the inside out :) Draw will be made May 15th, 2012.

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