WINNERS of the 24 Hour Facebook Party with Canadian Free Stuff!

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Thank you to all who participated in our 24-hour PARTY!

 This contest is now closed.

Winners are all listed below.

To claim your prize, please email with your shipping address 

within 48 hours. All prizes will be recieved within 4 weeks.


Here are the WINNERS:


Etymotic Earphones: Winners Kathren Moore and Rita Wacholtz Lunchbox Love Winner: Emmy Muzzarelli Nelson Ooma Telo: Winner Catherine Vetter Parent’s Canada Cars Basket: Winner Kimberly MacDougall Parents Canada Hawiian Tropics Basket: Winner Maria Lamanna DiNapoli OurKids: Winner Nadia Mohammed Caber Sure Fit: Winner Shani Thomson Baby Ddrops: Winner Lexia Joy Nash AfterSkate Winners: Daisy Dixon, Erica Maria Gonçalves, Sophie Antoine, Kristina Ziegler, and Quincy Barnesky AdultEssentials Prize Pack: Winner Heidi Carlson-Reid Lay-n-Go COSMO -  Winner: Alisson Hajasz  RECARO Car Seat: Winner Melissa Stevens Kidzmet Winners: Kimberly D’Angelo, Illy Junus, Marci Ybarra, Cass Bro, Tenielle Stanbrough, Carmen York, Jennifer Hammond Hayes, Becky Jensen, Kym McIntyre, and Jenn Ross 


Active Baby $50 Gift Certificate – Jeanine Lebsack Chatters $50 Gift Basket – Melanie Marcil i love cosmetics $75 worth of products – Annette Bunnah-Blayone Shiny Set Jewelry Box’s -Amie Pepper, Nancy Chartrand, Claudette Lariviere & Susan E. Spence Babies best designs – Teething Blings – Kimberly MacDougall Eternal Skin Care – John Masters Organics Set. Value is $93 – Sharon Marie Cosby Cascades - Cardboard Playhouse ~ Julia Gabriel LuvBeauty - Custom Beauty Products ~ Winner Jennifer Van Huss Gold Guys Canada – 2 silver bars ~ Winner Brooke Phillips Dianne Krors – Endless Top Winner ~ Tami Bretz Green Munch – BBQ Picnic Set ~ Trisha Monahan

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