Happy National S'MORES Day!

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Here’s something you might not have known about August 10th – it’s National S’mores Day! We here at PTPA were thinking that’s a pretty awesome day to celebrate, don’t you think?! WARNING: THIS POST WILL MAKE YOU DROOL AND YOUR STOMACH GROWL! Whether you’re into the traditional S’mores (ingredients: graham crackers, milk chocolate, marshmallow toasted over a fire)

… or you’re into something a little more extravagant…

Click image for link to recipe! Thanks Lovin' From the Oven!

You know one thing is for sure – they’ll be absolutely delicious!!! Here is a link to a great article about S’mores Reinvented from our friends at Toronto4Kids.com – Trust us when we say, you are going to want to run to the store and grab some ingredients when you read this delicious post! Thank you Toronto4Kids! So when you’re ready to start singing some campfire songs, grab the wipes for sticky fingers and mouths, grab a good stick (or other marshmallow toasting tool) and gather the family near – it’s S’mores time and it’s one of the best summer traditions there is! Enjoy and bon appetit! Whether you’re young, or young at heart, we wish you and yours a very Happy S’MORES Day!!!

Share your S’mores pics with us! Send us photos of your kids and your family around the campfire, pics of your amazing creations, and make us drool, make us laugh, and show us how you’re enjoying your S’mores this summer!

Email them to janine@ptpamedia.com or share them with us on Facebook! Thanks!

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