Difference between a first and second pregnancy

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As my second pregnancy comes to an end, I had some time (read: sleepless nights) to reflect back about my current pregnancy and my first one. I realized that there’s a lot of differences actually. Here’s some of the major ones that came to mind for me: 1.During my 1st pregnancy, my husband came along with me to ALL of my Doctor appointments. For this pregnancy the count is 0. 2.1st pregnancy: I stayed away from everything that’s bad for you (i.e. raw meat and fish, caffeine, alcohol, etc…). 2nd pregnancy: ate some raw fish at a wedding and didn’t even clue in to what I ate until it was pointed out by my loving husband. I’m also known to enjoy the occasional Tim Horton’s French Vanilla (in Winter) and an Ice Cap (in Summer). 3.The first time I was pregnant, I read “what to expect when you’re expecting” on a daily basis. This time around, I have not cracked the book open once, let alone know which dusty shelf it’s sitting on. 4.During my first pregnancy, when I was tired, I was able to rest once I got home. No such luck this time around with a toddler in tow. 5.During my first pregnancy, I updated Facebook with every detail regarding my pregnancy, including announcing that I was pregnant, how I felt, what we were having, etc… This time around, all of my Facebook posts are about my Toddler son. Pregnancy details are old news ;) 6.When I was pregnant the first time around, I couldn’t wait to meet our sweet baby boy. I was in a state of euphoria and I was counting down the days until I got to meet my newborn son. This time around, I know better!! I’m hoping the baby arrives late so I can enjoy a few more 8+ hours of sleep each night! 7.During my second pregnancy, everyone around me, including family, friends and even myself, keep on forgetting that I’m pregnant! 8.This time around, people keep commenting on how “small” I looked for how far along I am in my pregnancy. This leads to me to believe that I was HUGE during my first pregnancy because no one mentioned this to me once. I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one that feels this way… right???? What were some of the differences and / or similarities between your pregnancies?

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