He Said She Said Fathers Day Style!

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In usual PTPA style, we went out and surveyed you!  You being the mom’s and the dad’s who have a say in what gifts will be hitting homes on Sunday for Fathers Day.

We conducted one survey asking dad what he hopes to receive for Fathers Day and  one survey  asking mom what she believed her husband wanted for fathers day and with over 600 responses, believe it or not…you actually agreed on something for a change!  Apparently wives really do know what their husbands want as a gift ( other than the obvious gift which is too x-rated for our family friendly site!)

Hope this helps with your fathers day shopping!

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  1. Janine says:

    Love it! Very cute :)

  2. Zeev Orzakovski says:

    Bang on. #2 on the list is definitely my #1…its the gift that keeps on giving. And as much as I love fishing, Im looking forward to spending a day out with just my boys!

  3. Debbie D says:

    This is great! Happy Father’s Day Zeev and to all the other dads out there!

  4. Maya Fitzpatrick says:

    would love to read the romance answes. haha. great infographic :)

  5. Harjit says:

    Love it! :) Twitter fan@plumerea

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