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Welcome to PTPA’s Fan Friday contest! We’re so glad you’re here. This week’s contest is for 2 winners: Each will receive one (1) H2O X5+, 5-in-1 Chemical-Free Cleaning System ($125 each)!!

It works on all surfaces for deep steam cleaning quick and easily and eliminates 99% of the bacteria with its supercharged steam! Choose any room and H2O X5® steam mop makes everything look brand new without any effort, it’s that easy!!

It makes no difference what kind of floor you have because the H2O X5® steam mop works with slate, granite, sealed hardwood, laminate, carper, vinyl ceramic tiles, and marble, so you can clean your floors without the hard chemicals for a fresh shiny finish!



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Winners are being announced next Friday at 9am EST on PTPA’s Facebook page. Contest is open to both US and Canadian residents. Fan Friday giveaways will close next Thursday at 11:59pm. Winner will be announced on this post, on Facebook as well as emailed. Rule and Regulations can be found here.

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  1. Cleaning with baking soda and vinegar!

  2. Stay on top of it… if the mess gets the best of you then its that much harder :/. I have a clean house from 9-4 then the kids and husband get home :/

  3. Spot cleaning as I go. A bigger mess is a pain to clean, so I try to stay on top of things.

  4. Clean as you go. With 3 kids i try and clean it up when it happens. And do not get frustrated when its never clean!

  5. Clean as you go. With 3 kids i try and clean it up when it happens. And do not get frustrated when its never clean.

  6. Consistency.
    And if I watch an episode of hoarders, my house instantly looks immaculate! lol

  7. Clean when the kids are asleep! :-)

  8. Clean for 15 minutes. I can get so much done and if I’m having a hard time convincing myself, once I get going, I feel better.

  9. Sticking to a cleaning schedule is the only way. Saturdays we vacuum, mop, make the kids clean their rooms and then enjoy the clean house until Sunday, when the chaos begins all over again.

  10. Secret to a clean home? Still working on that. lol… I suggest using naturally based cleaners to avoid chemical residue tho! :)

  11. Clean when the kids are asleep… best way to make sure each room stays clean… that or bribe the teenager with money!!! :)

  12. Avatar of Tara Forshaw Tara Forshaw says:

    I get the kids to help and I don’t sweat the small stuff. If it’s not perfect, it’ll still do!

  13. LOL! The secret to a clean home is having my 4 year old out of the house for a few hours :) That, and a cleaning lady! LOL!!!!!

  14. Avatar of leah leitch leah leitch says:

    Clean regularly so it’s not overwhelming!

  15. Avatar of Joanna Smith Joanna Smith says:

    Clean as you go! I keep cleaning supplies in all the bathrooms and try to keep things clean on a daily basis. Other than that I would agree that having my kids out the house is a great help :)

  16. Avatar of karen hill karen hill says:

    Keep on top of it. If I let it slide for a day it gets overwhelming. Do a bit each day (I keep a schedule rotation of things to do each day of the week)

  17. When kids learn to put things back where they belong, half of the cleaning is taken care – balance just clean as you walk around. I like to clean on Fridays, so family can relax on weekends.

  18. Avatar of Melissa Rose Melissa Rose says:

    “My house is clean enough to be healthy and messy enough to be happy”. I try to live by this, as I could clean all day long.

  19. Avatar of Linda Leroux Linda Leroux says:

    Do little bit everyday to keep on top of it all!

  20. Avatar of ann wakita ann wakita says:

    Clean as you go along. Set aside 30 minutes a day to do one task (dust, wash floors, vacuum etc). It gets too overwhelming if you try to do everything at one time.

  21. Clean a little at a time and getting the children and husband to help :)

  22. Linda Baron says:

    Get everyone to pitch in – a little a day makes for a clean house!

  23. having a weekly cleaning list and a monthly deep cleaning list – this way nothing ever gets missed and I’m always on top of it

  24. Avatar of Karen Scott Karen Scott says:

    Not leaving the cleaning until everything is dirty or cluttered.

  25. Staying on top of it all and keeping organized.

  26. Keep clutter to a minimum , use natural cleaning products

  27. To clean when my daughter is sleeping. Otherwise there is no point lol

  28. Avatar of Laura Miller Laura Miller says:

    My secret to a clean home is to make my husband do it! LOL…I’ve been busy since I just had baby #4.

  29. Clean up messes as soon as they happen. Cleaning while my son is at school so no interruptions. I go from room to room and keep a box with me. If I find stuff that go in a different room put it in the box and put away when I get to that room.

  30. Clean the mess as soon as it is made

  31. Keep up with the mess as it happens when possible !

  32. Lisa G says:

    We clean a little bit each day so that it doesn’t get overwhelming. Having three boys who have learned to clean up after themselves has made it easier too.

  33. Avatar of Tina Tapia Tina Tapia says:

    Schedule! I am a SAHM to 4 kids so, I write down my chores daily. It helps with accountability and I also don’t forget to dust and do laundry while trying to keep up with the kids! I really enjoy cleaning with vinegar also! It’s a miracle!

  34. While playing throughout the day, my kids clean up one toy before moving onto the next. At the end of the day we have way less of a mess to clean up!

  35. clean in steps or a schedule. Try and get your kids involved as much as possible, it helps them to keep the mess to a minimum if they know it is their chore to clean it.

  36. Avatar of ruth jean ruth jean says:

    bring in my parents they love it!

  37. Avatar of Luisa Luisa says:

    Dust, vacuum, and mop a little each day. Then leave the big cleaning jobs for the weekend.

  38. I try to clean a little bit each day…making sure things are put back in place after use. This helps for the big weekly clean-up, so it is not as overwhelming.

  39. You have to stay on top of things. Clean up as you go, and enlist the help of the family once a week for a super hour of cleaning.

  40. I clean a little bit at a time and always pick up after the children are in bed.

  41. Avatar of Kristy Short Kristy Short says:

    clean a little everyday, then its not a huge job

  42. I keep wet wipes in almost every room. They are always useful for quick cleanups, dirty hands or faces. I pick one day in a week to do general cleaning, which is usually Saturday.

  43. We are a family of 6. All 4 of my children have chores and have been taught since they were little that everyone has to help out. It not only teaches them responsibility, but also that it’s important for them to help out to keep our home looking nice. When my older 3 children are gone at school, I get the dishes and laundry all done, so when they come home they can take care of their clothing, and we have more time as a family to do the fun stuff. I usually take one room and work until it’s clean and then move onto another. Not only do I keep the inside of the home clean but we are big on keeping the yard work done too. My 3 year old loves to help with laundry. I toss the wet clean clothes from the washer on top of the dryer door and he pushes them in. He loves to help take the dirty clothes and put them in the washer too, with my help of course :)

  44. Avatar of Grace White Grace White says:

    Clean once a week and spot clean daily

  45. Avatar of KittyPride KittyPride says:

    I clean as a go while cooking and wipe around whenever I notice anything starting to build up.

  46. Avatar of Ria Rowan Ria Rowan says:

    Some elbow grease, effort and awesome products that work, even if they are home made

  47. room a day plus general daily stuff like dishes and wiping counters, so It’s never out of control. also wash a load one day and fold/put away the next so laundry doesn’t pile up and take over weekends.

  48. My secret to a clean home is having a routine and cleaning up after my child when the bigger messes happen

  49. Avatar of Lucia Alami Lucia Alami says:

    Cleaning up as things get used; making sure the kids do the same.

  50. A steam mop would great for my tiles with 4 kids to clean up after

  51. I find cleaning is easier if you put stuff back where it belongs when done using it

  52. Avatar of Vicki Ferris Vicki Ferris says:

    I have a teenager at home that helps out a whole lot. We try different things.

  53. Avatar of Vicki Ferris Vicki Ferris says:

    ….The mop would greatly help us.

  54. Containers, and boxes for toys. Wipes, light handy vacuum and this steam mop would be awesome to try!

  55. Avatar of Mia Parnes Mia Parnes says:

    Cleaning up quick and not letting things pile up.

  56. Avatar of J MOWAT J MOWAT says:

    do a quick clean up as soon as you get home for work etc. pick things up sweep or damp mop.

  57. Avatar of Sara Ward Sara Ward says:

    I clean one room at a time but usually when my children are at school

  58. I clean every day! If I don’t give the dust a chance to settle….it never does!

  59. Avatar of Sara Moynan Sara Moynan says:

    I find if everyone helps out, putting things back where they belong, and cleaning up after ourselves on a dialy basis, it keeps the house clean. On the weekends, we all divide up the jobs and work together to clean the house!

  60. Avatar of Dawn May Dawn May says:

    My secret is to clean as I go to avoid having huge messes.

  61. This is so awesome! I could so use this, especially now, make cleaning easier for hubby now that I am on bed rest!

  62. Avatar of Amy Dillon Amy Dillon says:

    Clean as we go with vinegar and water. :)

  63. Avatar of ligia cojan ligia cojan says:

    clean when you can.dont get frustrated about’ll find mess at every house

  64. Avatar of D.L. Kurson D.L. Kurson says:

    With my family, pets and my daycare kids, This would be amazing to win- The biggest help is to keep up on it- do not put it off- it piles up and gets overwhelming.

  65. Keeping the kids out of the house!!!

  66. If you mess it you clean it.When everyone picks up after themselves (excluding the animals ) we will all have more time to do fun things !That’s the rule and it encourages them to help out !

  67. Clean through out the day. That way theres no big messes.

  68. There is no secret to a clean house. You just have to love cleaning as I do.

  69. My secret is to do some everyday. I don’t need to mop everyday or vaccuum daily or clean my bathroom. So on days I do those 3 things those are about all I do. Dusting/windows etc is also done the same way.

  70. My secret is to clean when my baby is cleaning and clean everyday.

  71. My secret is to clean before the kids get back from daycare, and when they go to bed.

  72. The secret is cleaning as you go! If you make a mess clean it up as soon as you have time that way it doesn’t pile up as quickly. Also, set this good example for the little ones in your household so that they mirror your good cleaning habits. :) Thanks!

  73. Avatar of Andrea Amy Andrea Amy says:

    ha ha ha “clean home” lol. I have 5 kids, its amazing my house isn’t worse than it is! I try to clean as I go, but my house is always in some state of messiness or disorder but I try

  74. Since my little one was born, I just lowered my expectations for a clean house. I get done what I can get done, and I’m happy with that. I had already switch to low-chemical cleaners because of our pets — they don’t need chemicals, either.

  75. I start my cleaning before my kids wake in the morning, and continue to clean all day long as soon a mess appears

  76. I decided when I had kids I wanted to clean with more natural stuff. So I use vinegar, baking soda and salt.

  77. the only secret i know is when i get a call from guests they are arriving!! within less than hour i can be super woman and clean the whole house !! but that mop would help me alot clean even faster!!

  78. Maid service…..if only I could afford it!

  79. I am not sure what the secret is to a clean home , i just do my regular routine everyday and it keeps it tidy till the next day ! this mop would sure help i n my home with all the doggy paws everywheres ! (:

  80. Avatar of Tracy Johns Tracy Johns says:

    I just had twins in August and my secret to cleaning house is to pick up as i make the mess. That way things don’t pile up.

  81. I spot clean as I go, and have a schedule for a thorough clean each room a different day so it doesn’t get to overwhelming

  82. Spot cleaning throughout the day and do a big clean of each room each day :)

  83. Avatar of karen ross karen ross says:

    Have the kids help as a game or for allowance!

  84. Avatar of BRANDY LOKEY BRANDY LOKEY says:

    I try to keep it clean as I go but my husband is my secret cleaning weapon:) If I have a hard day or feel overwhelmed he is always willing to help without me even asking.

  85. Avatar of Ashley Naka Ashley Naka says:

    I try to do a light cleaning everyday in the major areas of the house and a deeper cleaning once a week.

  86. Avatar of Karen Hill Karen Hill says:

    I do a little bit each day and a general touch (the kitchen gets a bit more of an effort) then a full clean every 10 days as most rooms dont get used

  87. Maintain the clean everyday or it getsout of hand and it’s hard to catch up

  88. I use gentle cleaners with soft scents that are not over powering. Lemon scents are usually my favorite.

  89. Clean a bit at a time when I can since I have a very messy 2 year old!

  90. murphys oil soap and Lysol wipes

  91. I have no secret! I just try to stay on top of it.

  92. Hah, with 6 kids, 1 husband, 3 dogs, 1 cat and loads of kid’s friends I do know it is challenging to say the least. If you try to always multitask things will be easier. for instance if you are going upstairs to get something, think what you can bring up with you that does not belong downstairs etc.

  93. Avatar of Debi Kisluk Debi Kisluk says:

    Using non-toxic cleaning products for a healthier home.

  94. Avatar of Kasey Roren Kasey Roren says:

    Own less stuff / constant decluttering / reduce shopping.

  95. Everybody helps and I never leave a room empty handed. There’s always something to pick up/ put away.

  96. Avatar of Cindy Chan Cindy Chan says:

    use hot water,and tidy up the place twice a week

  97. try to keep up with the kids

  98. Work on it daily and don’t let things pile up.

  99. Clean as you go and whenever you have the extra time, take it!

  100. If you make a mess, clean it up…that way you won’t have to later and let the mess build!

  101. lol what is a clean home? I try tackling jobs in little bits at a time, it makes it seem more manageable

  102. Avatar of Jason Magee Jason Magee says:

    Clean home? Our tazmanian devil goes to Nanny & Papa’s for an hour or too ;) We try our best to “clean as you go” :)

  103. Avatar of marie S marie S says:

    i clean one room a day top to bottom, vacuum daily.. (rafflecopter marie cat)

  104. Avatar of Toby Collins Toby Collins says:

    It starts with organization…everything has it’s place!

  105. music and stretching while cleaning

  106. Actually, I started using a free app called ‘Errands’ – it allows you to enter tasks, and then put a ‘repeat’ schedule on it exactly as you wish (in days, weeks, months). I choose the repeat schedule for each task individually according to how often things need to be done. Now, I just do what comes up each day and it saves me so much time because I no longer have to worry I’m forgetting something, I no longer have to try to figure out what needs to be done (or if I should be doing something else that might be more important), and it really really helps with my procrastination!

  107. Avatar of Tanaya Syx Tanaya Syx says:

    I set the timer and have the kids see how much they can pick up before it goes off. The laundry has been out of control, so now we are down sizing our wardrobes to 14 outfits each. Baby #5 is coming soon, so the whole family gets to help me nest.

  108. Avatar of Thalia Gray Thalia Gray says:

    Honestly? We get someone to come in and do a big clean every two weeks, then we maintain it by picking/cleaning up as a mess is made. That’s the one gift I’ve been given that is worth more than gold and makes life much easier!

  109. Avatar of paul raine paul raine says:

    cleaning as things happen is the way to go. but when the three are sleeping is the easiest! =)

  110. Avatar of Victoria Ess Victoria Ess says:

    Do daily maintenance rather than waiting for one day.

  111. Don’t be careless in the kitchen (or bathroom, ladies). Why make a mess bigger when it doesn’t have to be. When you try to make as little mess as possible, it won’t seem as much as a drag when you go to clean it. Garbage goes IN the garbage. It can be very difficult to keep up with chores when you live with careless, irresponsible people though… Oh, how I can’t wait to move out in December :) So excited!

  112. Avatar of marie S marie S says:

    clean one room each day, and clean up behind you. also daily clean up

  113. do so much every day,,dont let it get too messy or dirty,,

  114. Making a schedule. Spend the majority of your time on one room per day and do “maintenance” on the important rooms (dishes, counters, pick up toys, etc)…Do deep cleaning on your day off. As long as you stick to it, you shouldn’t ever have to feel overwhelmed by the cleaning. I can usually get done in 20-30 minutes a day!

  115. Avatar of Bons L. Bons L. says:

    My secret is cleaning every weekend. I like to do bits of cleaning every week rather than one big cleanup every month!

  116. Clean as we go with the kids help

  117. clean a little bit often, make it a family affair

  118. keep working on it.. its never truly 100% clean with four kids but i try my best!

  119. Avatar of Cathy Canton Cathy Canton says:

    Trying to have a schedule for cleaning different parts on different days A bit everyday.

  120. Avatar of Judy Cowan Judy Cowan says:

    Do a bit of cleaning everyday in order to stay on top of it and then do a complete clean through once a week.

  121. Avatar of amie pepper amie pepper says:

    I use Dawn Soap to clean the bath tub. it works great LOL

    Plus i make sure each day i do a 10 min tidy up before bed, it helps keep up with 4 kids and their mess!

  122. Avatar of Paula Huie Paula Huie says:

    My secret to a clean home is to clean when the Toddler is asleep! and to keep on top of it all. I also get the older kids to help and one thing that really makes a difference is to always strive to clean the sink out at night. Waking up to a clean sink with no dishes makes you feel just that much better in the morning!

  123. Avatar of Erin Dove Erin Dove says:

    Clean as you go….which is easier said then done with a home daycare of three one year olds!

  124. My secret is to clean one area at a time on a schedule.

  125. Clean up a little each day so it doesn’t get to be to much :)

  126. Avatar of Sabrina Tong Sabrina Tong says:

    Clean up as you go as opposed to saving it for one big clean up day

  127. Avatar of lisa sebbag lisa sebbag says:

    best thing seriously could use one of these, cleaning is so difficult for me.

  128. Avatar of asia moore asia moore says:

    Cleaning after kids go to sleep!!

  129. Avatar of lisa sebbag lisa sebbag says:

    i take it step by step, i clean as it is needed i dont have specific days for certain things. also if im already cleaning the kitchen flood for examply then ill go ahead and just clean the other ones as well if im already in the middle of doing the same thing…helps me a lot.

  130. my secret is don’t stress when it’s not clean and clean when you have time. the baby comes first. moments are precious!

  131. Avatar of Pauline Tam Pauline Tam says:

    I clean a little bit every day so that it doesn’t pile up.

  132. With 2 three year olds in the house as well as a dog and cat, I am forever cleaning the floors. Anything that helps get the floor clean and keep it looking that way is what I use! :)

  133. Avatar of Leann Doffin Leann Doffin says:

    This would be awesome for a 2 year old, lol

  134. My secret to a clean home is organization and things being cleaned up every night before bed.

  135. My secret to a clean home? Company coming!!

  136. cleaning when my daughter is sleeping! Little at a time

  137. Cleaning while the baby’s sleeping

  138. My home is the cleanest right before we have guests over so my secret would be to have a busy social life & entertain LOTS! LOL

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