Christmas and Santa

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It’s Christmas time again, yay! For those that believe, it’s a celebration of the birth of Christ and for those that don’t, it might be about spending time with your loved ones and spoiling your kids, nieces, nephews, grand kids, pets or whoever else you might like surprising with gift. Growing up the idea of  Santa Claus filled my heart with joy and my mind with imagination and it fills my heart with even more joy as an adult being able to pass on the tradition of this imaginary man to my son. I always thought that Santa represented the wise men bringing gifts, when I was younger of course! As I got older and started to enjoy reading about history, I stumbled upon a story of a man (Nicholas) who lost his parents who raised him as a devout Christian at a young age. Upon their passing he followed the words of God to “sell what you own and give the money to the poor”, Nicholas devoted his life to helping the less fortunate, sick and suffering and within a century of his death became known as a saint! There are many different stories of the incredible ways St. Nick helped the poor and saved lives, these are Christian beliefs but are still believed and celebrated all around the world today.

I’m not a religious person, so believing that “God” spoke to this man and that he calmed the sea and brought people back from the dead by praying is a bit far fetched for me but I believe in ghosts so who am I to judge! Right? It does however warm my heart to hear the tales and the idea of the generosity and kindness that this Saint had for the less fortunate, sick and suffering. To me this is The True Meaning Of Christmas: Giving! It’s better to give than to receive and I most definitely hope to instill this thought in my children, no gift will ever make you feel as good as it does to touch someones heart and bring a smile to their face during the most happiest time of the year! If you’d like to read more of the stories that I didn’t mention about St. Nick above, you can visit the St. Nicholas Center here:

From our family to yours: Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays :)


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  1. What a beautiful post Jason! You have present the true spirit of Christmas in a great light. Merry Christmas!


  2. Avatar of Jan Dempsey Jan Dempsey says:

    Enjoyed reading your post- well said. Thank you.
    Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  3. Jason, I think you’re more of a believer and have more faith than you give yourself credit for ;)

    We’re Christians and I’m so loving teaching our oldest son (almost 4) about why *we* celebrate Christmas and that God’s best gift to us ever on Christmas was the birth of Jesus. We happily celebrate Santa too, as it encompasses a lot of what we believe in too and I knew St. Nick had a Christian-ish story behind him too, so thanks for sharing!

    Regardless of how you celebrate, Merry Christmas to all!

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