11 Outdoor Family Outing Must Haves

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Considering the fact that we just had snow where I live 2 weeks ago, this past one the weather has been beautiful, besides the little bit of rain we’ve had, which I don’t mind because with the heat it has actually been refreshing.  I don’t know about you but the warm weather and sunshine has had me anticipating the arrival of summer.  I can not wait until we can go to the beach, the fair, take long ‘just because’ drives and the many other family outings that we always do during that wonderful season.  As much fun as our summer adventures are they can also be quite stressful, especially with my husband and myself being completely different people – he likes to do everything spur of the moment and I like to have everything planned out with lists, even more so now that we have children.  It’s because of his unexpected ways and our surprise outings that I like to have a bag packed with the essentials for any day trips and a few other items waiting by the door or in the car, ready to go at a moments notice.

Outdoor Family Outing Must Haves

  1. Bug spray
  2. Suntan lotion
  3. Bottles of water
  4. Non-Perishable snacks – Ex. goldfish crackers, pudding, fruit cups, fruit snacks, etc…
  5. Change of clothes – for the unexpected beach, water park or even water fights
  6. First-aid kit – Ex. band-aids, rubbing alcohol, tweezers, gauze, allergy medicine, etc…
  7. Cash – just in case their is no ATM around
  8. Fold-up chairs
  9. Towels
  10. Busy bag – Ex. coloring book, crayons, reading book, play-dough, little action figures, tiny dolls, cars, ponies.
  11. Beach toys – Ex. Sand toys, ball, inflatable water toys, water guns, etc…

What are your must-haves when you take day trips or even overnight outings with your family?




  1. A definite list of must-haves! I also recommend a phone charger.

  2. Avatar of Christine C. Christine C. says:

    Great must haves! We also always travel with pillows, blankets & a bedtime pal. Just the small ones. You never know when you’ll spend an unexpected night somewhere and be in dire need of that special bedtime pal.

  3. This is a great list.
    I like to have wipes for if the kids get really sticky or dirty in the car.

  4. Aneta Alaei says:

    All that is necessary for us is diapers arightnd wipes now, everything else is a want

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