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The Top Reasons I No Longer Listen To the News

CNN Headline

Much to my mothers dismay, I am that person who believes that ignorance can sometimes indeed be bliss.  As a result, a few years ago after being thoroughly saddened by a streak of kidnappings in the news, terrorist bombings and a disease outbreak, I made a controversial decision.  I decided that I would limit my intake of news to primarily business related information and not start every day on a depressing … Read More →

First Day of School Anxiety


So, here it is, late July and I’m panicking….Yep, I’m already panicking about the start of school in SEPTEMBER! Crazy? Maybe. Maybe not. My only baby…that little boy that I still see as a sweet little bundle swaddled in a bassinet, smelling like a newborn every time I close my eyes, is starting school. BIG school. No more preschool – this is the real deal.   Reality slapped me in the … Read More →

Kid Craft for a raining day: Lighthouse Night light


Summer time means getting outside and enjoying all that nature has to offer. That can mean taking a hike through a forest, riding your bike around the block or taking a trip to the beach. Going to the beach is one of my kids favourite things to do. A few years ago, a group of coworkers, their families and my sister, set out on a grand adventure for a day … Read More →

Back to School!!  


  Yes, it’s not as far away as you think! Here in New Brunswick the children return the first week of September. “That’s quite a bit away?” you say. I’ll remember that when I start seeing my Facebook feed blowing up with parents upset that they can’t find adequate supplies like stationary or sneakers. I know your children are in vacation mode but do you really want the stress of … Read More →

Mothers Against Photoshop {MAPS}


Anyone else fed up with the heavy finger society seems to have with Photoshop these days? You see this never seemed to bother me, not quite like it does now. I struggled as a young woman, striving for perfection that was unobtainable without the help from a computer mouse, and now I’m a mother, a mother of a daughter who will one day face the same frustration and struggles as I … Read More →

Go Camping and Still Enjoy Healthy Eating


I just returned from what was one of the wettest camping trips ever. It wasn’t a sleep-in-the-van-overnight “oops the tent REALLY leaks” wet like we experienced on our 2012 camping adventure but it did rain for a full 15 hours during the day on this trip. And we were with 7 families and 18 kids. Ice cream and wine got us through. Rain aside, this camping trip got me thinking … Read More →

Angelcare AC1200 At Home


The screams from the next room can be deafening. Other times, there are no noises at all, and you wonder if your child is already awake. But all smart parents know, you don’t walk in and risk waking up that sleeping baby. Instead, you have another coffee and wait & wonder. At times, this turns to worry. Is the baby still breathing? Is the child stuck in the crib somehow? But, … Read More →

Top 10 Back to School Tips for Parents with Young Kids


It’s almost that time again! Back-to-School time is looming. Us Parents are trying to prepare to send our Littles to back to school, or off to school for the first time and all the stores are starting to advertise their Back-to-School sales. Back-to-School can be a little bit daunting. In fact, it can be down right terrifying, especially to those sending their young ones off to school for the first time! … Read More →

3 Questions to narrow down your road trip destination

IMG_7881 (Custom)

We all whine about being holed up in the winters and dream of all the fun road trips we’d embark on once those warmer temperatures arrive and yet…how many of us have made the most of it now that it’s here? The doggone days of summer have arrived and instead of just laying around a patio we’ve decided to explore places that are nearby to us.  Air travel can get expensive with … Read More →

Diabetic Problems


It’s been 27 years since I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes and it’s been a struggle controlling my blood sugars since then. Imagine being a kid that wasn’t allowed to have any kind of sweets. It wasn’t easy even though I was able to eat the diabetic stuff, it just wasn’t the same. I was always told that there would be consequences for cheating on my diet and uncontrolled … Read More →