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The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year!

JJamie Oliver

The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year! No. I do not mean Christmas. I do not mean the holidays, not a Winter Wonderland, not anything covered in a blanket of snow. What I mean is something covered alright, but covered in HAIR. Movember. Sweet sweet Movember. Remember remember the hotness of November. Oh man, do I love a moustache. It ups the sexiness of man 87%. (According to my totally … Read More →

Jamie Oliver’s Punishment For a 12 Year Old


As parents we all have moments when our children are not so ‘picture’ perfect…but I am not sure any harsh form of punishment, especially this one is the right way to get your children to listen. TV celebrity chef, Jamie Oliver has revealed he tricked his daughter into eating HOT CHILLI PEPPERS as a punishment for being disrespectful to him.  He rubbed Scotch Bonnet on some apple slices and dilivered them to … Read More →

Making a List, Making it Twice.

Making a List, and Making it Twice

Making a List, Making It Twice. The holiday season is fast approaching, maybe a little TOO fast. If you shop at any big chain stores, you’ll see full on Christmas decorations long before Halloween. Holiday coloured cups are at the coffee shops before Remembrance Day, commercials are on with countdowns until “The Big Day”.  The past few years, I have been filled with less holiday spirit, more “ick” at the … Read More →

10 Fall Foods Your Family Should Try

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Fall is a great time to explore the fruits and vegetable aisles at the grocery store or farmers market; so many varieties of squashes and colourful root vegetables await discovery. Not to mention the cooler days mean the perfect opportunity to add Fall veggies to soups, stews, slow cookers and roasting pans. Use the bounty of Fall produce to introduce your family to new flavours and teach them the difference … Read More →

Move Over Christian Grey!

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If you think the 50 shades of Grey trailer is sexy, you ain’t seen nothing yet! Move over Mr. Christian Grey and welcome the sexiest man (in my opinion) Lenny Kravitz to the list of seduction. Women and men everywhere are anticipating the upcoming 50 Shades of Grey movie based on the novel, but to be honest I have not yet been excited for the release with the trailers that … Read More →

November 6 is National Nacho Day | How To Make The Ultimate Nacho Bar with Recipes

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National Nacho Day is a real thing, and it’s happening today!  I love me some nachos, it’s the first thing I grab at any sporting event and National Nacho Day couldn’t have happened on a better day this year either – Thursday Night Football!  There is something very satisfying about eating a big plate full of crunchy, cheesy, melty goodness that you can eat with your hands.  It’s nacho average … Read More →

Celebrate Fall with Your Family and our Sweet Pepper Egg Scramble!

Pepper & Egg Scramble

The colorful fall leaves are dwindling fast so why not make them last a little bit longer with our Sweet Pepper Egg Scramble. This is a great way to celebrate fall and eat healthy too! What you will need: – 1 leaf metal cookie cutter like this one from Wilton – pure coconut oil or cooking spray – frying pan – 1 egg (per leaf) – sweet peppers in red, … Read More →

Tips for a Successful Marriage


Couples get married for different reasons. Some couples get married out of convenience, some out of true love and some because they feel it is the right thing to do. When couples decide to get married they may decide to get married immediately or wait a few years. No matter how long a couple decides to be together before they get married, marriage can still be challenging. I was with … Read More →