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Fan Friday Contest #2: Nerf N-Strike Elite Mega ThunderBow Blaster


Welcome to PTPA’s Fan Friday contest! We’re super glad that you’re here. We are thrilled to announce that one lucky winner will receive a Nerf Prize Pack! Includes: (1) Nerf N-Strike Elite Mega ThunderBow Blaster, One (1) Nerf N-Strike Mega Magnus, One (1) Nerf N-Strike 10 Dart Ammo Refill (Altogether valued at $67.97)  Enter for your chance to win!   This contest will run all day on Friday, August 29th, 2014! Tell … Read More →

Fan Friday Contest #1: KidFit


Welcome to PTPA’s Fan Friday contest! We’re super glad that you’re here. We are thrilled to announce that one (1) lucky winner will receive Winner’s choice of any stage KitFit Pillow!  Enter for your chance to win!   This contest will run all day on Friday, August 29th, 2014! Tell your friends!   Introducing the KidFit Pillow, a premium, ergonomically-perfect sleeping pillow designed to ensure restful sleep and robust health – just … Read More →

Boys Will Be Boys?

BOYS cover

Boys will be boys. Ever heard that saying? Has anyone ever said it to you? As a mom of two boys, I hear it quite a bit. But I have an issue with it… There’s a big difference between little girls and little boys. I don’t think you need me to get into an anatomy lesson here. God designed men and woman to be different, yet compliment each other. I’m … Read More →

Dinner time Debates: How to Take the Stress out of Supper

They always love the food they plant

People often ask what it is like to feed half dozen kids. Feeding families can be a “thing” and many parents report that dinner time can be the most stressful time of the day. I decided early on that I didn’t want meal time to create anxiety for me or my kids, so here are my few tips for relaxing and enjoying fun family meals. -          I don’t let myself get … Read More →

Cheated on, again!

100 Days Progress

…this time, by my bathroom scale! So as you know I’ve been on quite the weight loss journey, sharing the details with all of you last month. But something happened, and the numbers on the scale completely stopped, in fact on some weeks they started to go in a direction less desired. My menu never changed, my drive was in the same, I did however change one thing, I added fitness. … Read More →

Endless Hours of Fun With Sands Alive!


In our household, sitting and engaging in an activity for more than 10 minutes NEVER happens. My kids are pre-programmed to move onto the next ‘best’ thing every few minutes or so, and it drives me NUTS! Just when I finish cleaning up one activity, we are onto the next and this happens day in and day out… Every. Single. Day. This is why I am always jumping at the … Read More →

Why Daddy Daughter Dates Are Important

Why Daddy Daughter Dates Are Important

As a daughter that grew up without a positive male role model in the home and as a mom that has a houseful of girls, I know that the influence of a positive male role model in the home is important. Growing up I had a bit of sadness that grew inside of me when I saw my girl friends playing with their dad, going out on special trips with their … Read More →

How Curiosity Box Saved Our Summer

curiosity box

It’s been a long summer so far, each day a struggle of trying to find that perfect balance.   With the kids home, I want to play, but work calls, laundry piles up and as a mom I just can’t be everything to everyone ALL THE TIME. I would try to find things to entertain the kids while I squeezed in a few moments of “responsibility”, but eventually my go … Read More →

The Truth About Pregnancy and Childbirth

mom day

While pregnant with my first child, I concocted an adorable delusion of motherhood based in large part on a few prominent tabloid darlings. Here’s how things were gonna go: I would do yoga the entire pregnancy (Madonna), breathe deeply and noisily through my nostrils—as in yoga—throughout a painful but manageable six-hour labor (Katie), and then after my quiet, thoughtful progeny had slid gently into the world, I would traipse weightlessly about … Read More →

Pong Rugged Intelligent Case Review

Closed Pong Case w seal Matthew Tully

  Upon the reception of the Pong Rugged Intelligent Case, I can say that I was a little skeptical as I am with most products until I am able to put them through testing of all its attributes. Upon opening its box, I was happy with the fact that before even breaking its seal that I was able to properly see and feel the product, making me feel that they … Read More →