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Natural Easter Egg Dyes

Egg Colors

I have seen a few articles and ideas going around social media about natural egg dyes. Obviously, we’re not big fans of food dyes and have cut processed foods, including food dyes, out of our diets. Despite wanting to take the “fun” route of buying a few egg dye kits, I thought this year we would give the natural egg dyes a shot and see how it went! First things … Read More →

Parenting Help Needed! BITING!


Parents, we need your help answering this question from our community. If you have any questions you would like answered, please feel free to PM us on Facebook or email us. Thank you for your consideration. Please leave your advice/comments below:

Don’t Worry…I’ve got this one??


    What is happening to marriage these days? I pose the question as I’m seeing more and more of what I’m about to speak of each and every day and it’s bothersome. Is it that people lost track of what to look for in a mate, or that they don’t understand what marriage actually is actually representing? If my grandparents were alive today, unfortunately seeing this would probably give them a heart attack! … Read More →

Earth Day Entertainment


Growing up I loved being  outdoors and being out of town at my grandparents, where there were sand pits and spruce trees galore, made me love nature even more! I enjoy all the beauty this Earth beholds and it’s scary knowing that the human race is killing it with all the pollution. Take the crazy weather we’ve had in the last few years or the warning from the worlds scientists (722) … Read More →

PC Persuasion


  Now I must say, I’m not an affiliate for Microsoft and no Bill Gates is not holding my hand while writing this. I say this as I want to bring up the one thing that I personally think all PC users should have installed if they don’t already. “What is this absolutely wondrous piece of software”, you may ask? Microsoft Security Essentials, three medium size words that packs a … Read More →

Another Great Testing Opportunity!!


    If your PTPA tester profile is complete, and you would like to be considered a tester for the products listed below, please complete the form that appears once you’ve signed in to your account. Testers chosen will be notified via email in the next day or two. Testing opportunity for parents with little children ages birth – 12 years! Looking for testers to try a 3 month subscription … Read More →

Rainy Day Activities for the Whole Family


So, it’s spring time! The snow is melting and the weather is warming up. You wake to hear the birds chirping outside your window, signaling that spring has truly sprung. You jump out of bed, excited to start the day. Maybe you could go for a walk, or blow bubbles with the kids in the front yard. You draw back your curtains to take in this beautiful spring day and … Read More →

National Siblings Day – April 10th

brother and sister playing in the sand

There really does seem to be a day for everything. And I don’t think that’s a bad thing.  Today, April 10, is National Siblings Day. We celebrate Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Grandparents’ Day, so why not our brothers and sisters? Our relationship with our siblings is arguably the longest lasting relationship of our lives after all. They are our first friends. We grow up with them, raise families, care for … Read More →

The Ups & Downs…


Happy April 10th! As we celebrate National Sibling day I think of how lucky I am. I was brought up with 3 siblings; 2 older brothers B39, B48 and a younger sister 31. We have always been a close family, through thick and thin I’d call it. Speaking from my perspective, we grew up in Sydney, Cape Breton in a small home that had all the needs and a few … Read More →

Ricotta Gnocchi Recipe


For the love of food… this is what I definitely call for the love of food. Recently I decided to step up my game in the kitchen; hardcore step it up. I’ve always been the “master chef”… of my kitchen so I thought; hey I am bored of the things I cook so why not cook something that I’d generally order off of a menu. After quite a few attempts, … Read More →

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