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5 Movies To Put You In The Holiday Spirit


I never really realized it until just now but my family and I have a lot of holiday traditions, in fact the list is so long that if I told you everything this post would probably end up being about that instead of what it’s supposed to be about.  “What is it supposed to be about?”  you ask. Well, it’s about my favorite holiday tradition that I started with my … Read More →

Christmas Dinner On A Budget | Christmas Dinner for 8 People for Only $51.69 with Printable Grocery List and Recipes


I’m sure by now that planning for Christmas is already on your mind.  You’ve probably ordered your Christmas cards, made your gift list, put up the tree and have started planning for guests.  It seems like with all of the planning and budgeting for gifts, we often forget about budgeting for our holiday meal and when the time comes to buy groceries, we find ourselves turning our pockets inside out … Read More →

Give Back This Holiday Season


When I was growing up we did not have much money so I was extremely thankful for what I was given. I believe that because of this, I learned the art of selflessness and the joy of giving. As an adult and mom of 6 kids I do my very best to instill the love of giving within my kids. Of course my kids love to get as most kids … Read More →

8 Crazy Nights


Recently, I‘ve been asked about Chanukah and how it is celebrated so I thought I would share a little bit about our Chanukah traditions. Many of you may know a little bit about the holiday from Adam Sandlers famous Chanukah song that we have 8 crazy days of lighting candles and gift giving. But not only that, our ancestors were wise enough to select a very unique type of jelly … Read More →

DIY Ugly Christmas Sweater Ornaments


  You know, back in the day when I wore brightly coloured holiday sweaters filled with leaping reindeer and dancing elves to my job as a Kindergarten teacher, I thought I was just another teacher wearing a tacky Christmas sweater to amuse the kids. I never imagined that it would become a whole trend, complete with ugly Christmas sweater parties and contests. Recently, I started thinking about what fun it … Read More →

Merry Mixed Bean Curry Dip With Cheese


It’s that time of year! Yes, Christmas is one of the best times to have people over, whether it be family or a gathering of your friends, to celebrate and have fun! One of the things that people have at a get-together is food, especially around the holiday season. I just had a few of my friends over for a night of fun and catching up, and I made sure … Read More →

Melted Snowman Dip Recipe


This simple dessert recipe is perfect for any Christmas party, or Frozen themed birthday-party.  With only a few ingredients and some fun things to dip, this light and fluffy dip is ready in less than 15 minutes! Melted Snowman Dip Recipe Ingredients: 1/2 cup chocolate chips (mini) 1 8oz cream cheese, softened 1 15oz ricotta cheese 2/3 cup powdered sugar 1 cup heavy cream, whipped to stiff peaks Directions: In a … Read More →

Tis The Season To Give Back In Your Community


The holidays are a wonderful time of love, sharing and family. It is also the perfect time for reflection and gratitude. As we prepare for the holiday season it is so important to reflect on how blessed we all are. We have a roof over our head, food in our fridge and while the bank statements may not always remain in the black (there never seems to be enough money!) … Read More →

Easy 30-Minute Christmas Appetizer Recipe | Three-Cheese Spinach Lasagna Roll Up Recipe


Marrying into an Italian family, we always have Italian food at Christmas time over the traditional ham.  Lasagna is a favorite in our family, but I rarely find myself making it because it takes so much time, and I knew there had to be a better way.  So, I did what probably brought you here, and went on Pinterest to find an alternative, and I found it… lasagna roll-ups. These … Read More →