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Making Mornings Simple and Healthy with Egg Muffins


Mornings are hectic in our house. Lunches need to be packed for four people (and everyone has different likes!), breakfast needs to be made, beds need to be made, the dog needs to be walked and all four of us need to get dressed for the day. We have looked at ways to make this easier for us and have started preparing the majority of our lunches in the evening … Read More →

Preparing your First for your Second


As a parent there comes a time when you and your partner make a big decision, the decision to expand your family. It is a very exciting time, you and our partner are overjoyed with the excitement of having a new baby. You get caught up in all the excitement, you get your positive test – now it’s real, now you need to tell your first born they are going … Read More →

Boys And Guns

Boys n guns

  Halloween is quickly approaching and the kids are starting to get excited. Okay, I’m probably more excited than them. Candy, hello!!! I can’t wait for the goodies but I also can’t wait to see all the kids dressed up, running about from door-to-door, enjoying themselves. It brightens your spirits and reminds me of the excitement from when I used to go trick-or-treating with my friends and family as a … Read More →

Frullo Has Me Shouting Hurray!

Frullo Has Us Shouting, -Hooray!- (1)

I love love love fruit juices they are usually my go to guilty pleasure drink.  I loved the taste of tropical juices when I was a child and it has stuck with me.  It has to be super cold and in a glass cup.  I’m a little strange, but I know what I like. Ya know?  I never really thought about it all that much until my husband one day asked if … Read More →

Snow! Yes, it’s a four letter word but are you prepared?


Let’s face it, in Canada for the most part our winters are getting worse at least it is for us on the east coast. Each year we know it’s coming and usually it sneaks up on us by being earlier or later than the year before. It’s unpredictable and can be dangerous if certain precautions are not taken and your not prepared for it. I want to touch briefly on … Read More →

Put Your Device Down – CHALLENGE

Put down those devices!

After chatting with the wonderful hosts on What She Said Radio about putting our devices down, the PTPA team has a challenge for you!  We challenge you to put your devices down and turn off all notifications every night from 6pm to 8pm.  Spend time with your families and be present, not constantly glancing down at your smart phone.  Will this be difficult for you?  Are you open to it?  Does … Read More →

Halloween Safety Tips for Families


Halloween is fast approaching! I know I am excited! Are you? No matter how excited you are, it is important to keep Halloween Safety in mind, especially while Trick-or-Treating with your family and friends. Halloween can be fun, exciting and enjoyable and ensuring that you are prepared to exercise you Halloween Safety tips, can increase the likelihood that you will have a fun, and safe Halloween this year. Halloween Safety … Read More →