Want Mom’s attention?

She trusts her peers recommendations above all else.  

Our Clients

Our Approach

  • Evaluate

    We put your product in the hands of real parents and collect honest feedback. Validating your relevance and reliability.

  • Broadcast

    We work with influencers to craft authentic stories about your brand. Building buzz and generating impressions.

  • Engage

    We engage with your target audience creating meaningful conversations and recommendations for your brand. Organic peer-to-peer drive to purchase.

  • Convert

    We convert sales by directing and controlling the path to purchase. Increasing sales lift through trusted recommendations.

Our Community

Consumer Insights

We have deep insights into consumer preference and behaviour having spent the last 6 years developing complex profiles on our parent community.

Parent Testers
Seal of Approval Designations
Social Media Influencers

Our Team

  • Sharon Vinderine
    Sharon VinderineFounder & CEO

    Entrepreneur. Visionary. TV personality. Spokesmom. Syndicated Columnist. Product expert. World traveler. Chip lover. Coffee Addict

  • Nadine Hoffman
    Nadine HoffmanManager of Sales & Business Development

    Sales and Marketing mama of 2. Branded Content lover. Multi-tasker. Motivated team player. Exercise addict. Chocolate lover.

    • Kelsi Andrew- Wasylik
      Kelsi Andrew- WasylikProject Coordinator

      Travel junkie, sun seeker, accomplished athlete, food enthusiast, fitness entrepreneur, music fanatic, Instagram aficionado, almond milk cappuccino coveter. 

    • Amy Worrel
      Amy WorrelCampaign - Project Manager

      Mama of 2, social media junkie, blogger, brand ambassador, and community manager, lover of all things chocolate, Double Double addict, glass is half full kind of gal!

      • Mike Willis
        Mike WillisAccount Manager

        Inspiration Seeker. Runner. Journal Keeper. Helper. Aspirational Wanderer

      • Kathy Ioannou
        Kathy IoannouCampaign Coordinator

        Multi-tasker, organizer, perfectionist, shopaholic, coffee addict.

      • Meri Temudo
        Meri TemudoCommunity Manager

        Social Media Enthusiast. Perfectionist. Artist. Chip Addict. Creative Thinker. Motivated. Fashion Lover. Optimist. Beach Worshiper.

      • Christine Culley
        Christine CulleyCommunity Manager

        Social Media Enthusiast. Community Manager. SEO Master.  Mom to WeeMan, BabyGirl and furbabies Oscar & Rusty Trailer!

        • Nicole King
          Nicole KingCampaign - Project Manager

          Social Media Enthusiast. Writer. Affable. Idealist. Visionary. Poutine Addict. Fitness Snob, Latte Lover. Self-professed sun lovin, beach goddess.

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