Chicco NaturalFit® Insulated Rim-Spout Trainer Cup 9oz, 2pk



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Looking for the perfect cup for baby’s every age & stage from bottle to free flow drinking’. Meet NaturalFit® Cups, an expertly designed line of progressive cups built to work just right. Mix and match the interchangeable tops and bottoms for a custom cup. The NaturalFit® Insulated Rim-Spout Trainer has double-wall insulation to keep drinks cool and prevent sweating, and the narrow-edge spout is designed to train toddlers to drink from the rim of a cup. The unique ergonomic shaped spout encourages proper lower lip positioning with plenty of space for little noses. With the one-piece see-through silicone valve in place, gentle sipping activates the flow for spill-feel drinking. Or easily remove the valve to practice with a free flow. The contour of the cup is designed for tiny hands to grab and hold, and the lid and valve are dishwasher-safe.


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