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Mothers (with daughters) understand that brushing hair is a necessity for healthy, manageable hair, but are frustrated due to the pain and stress associated with the routine. Mothers indicated that brushing their daughter’s hair is fraught with negative emotion for both parties and would buy a brush that alleviated this pain. The Goody Ouchless Mother Daughter Brush line targets this unaddressed opportunity today by leveraging its ownable bristle innovation, thus offering consumers a superior styling experience that delivers on the ‘gentle’ and ‘snag-free’ equities of the Ouchless brand.

NEW Goody Ouchless Tools specifically target mothers (with daughters) who need a brush that is strong enough to detangle effectively, but gentle enough to eliminate pain. Using patented FlexGlide’ bristle technology in combination with a hidden cushion pad, NEW Ouchless tools make styling your daughter’s hair easier by effectively working through matted, messy hair with less snags, pulls, and pain.

The NEW Ouchless brushes meet a true consumer need by delivery the BEST detangling performance without snags and pulls. Key features include:

-Ball tips that won’t fall off and scratch the head-Usability tested and ergonomically designed to be more comfortable in your hand-Hidden cushion pad to prevent hair snags when working through tough tangles-Protective top plate that keeps bristles aligned for more effective and gentle detangling-FlexGlide Bristles are strong enough to get through matted and messy hair but gentle enough to work through tangles without pain


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