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Product Description

Company & Product Background:
Lyve is a new brand, company and product focused on creating an easy, compelling experience for engaging with the invaluable memories we collect throughout our lifetime. We accomplish this through intelligently-coupled software (Lyve app/service) and hardware (LyveHome) that continuously collects and protects your content across multiple platforms, while organizing and displaying photos and videos in a way that’s easy to find, share, and enjoy.

Product Benefits:

  1. Collect ‘ Today, our photos live across devices, platforms, clouds, and social platforms. Lyve automatically brings them into one collection so they are organized and always at your fingertips.
  2. Protect ‘ Each time you open the Lyve app, new photos and videos are ingested and a full fidelity copy is stored in the LyveHome device. Content remains private, stored and exchanged locally amongst your devices. Lyve does leverage a sophisticated cloud service (not server) that notifies your devices of new content so they may communicate and share directly.
  3. Rediscover’ The best part of capturing a memory is revisiting it, which is hard to do if you can’t find it! Safely stored and organized in one library, browse a lifetime of memories on your phone or tablet in digest and timeline views. We are constantly working on features that provide unique ways to rediscover and interact.


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