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Product Description

Pley is a LEGO rental service created by parents, for parents! You sign up for a monthly plan (currently priced at $15, $25, or $39, depending on the size of the sets you’d like to rent), and you create a “Pleylist” of your favorite LEGO sets. You can choose from over 250 sets in Pley’s inventory to build your Pleylist.
Unleash your child’s creativity without spending a fortune on NEW LEGO sets! Pay less, and play more by joining Pley today!

Pley then matches a set from your list, and sends it. Once you’re done building it, you can return it and get another set on your Pleylist. Shipping is always free, all the pieces are sanitized and cleaned, and we don’t charge for “normal loss” of pieces (up to about 10-15 pieces).


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