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STICKMAN STEW’, a 13″ plush figure, is a cross between Gumby and Mr. Rogers. He’s bendable and posable like Gumby and he has the morals and neighborliness of Mr. Rogers. His favorite saying, well, if he could talk, is “Respect. Pass it on!”

STICKMAN STEW is a Champion of Respect. He lives by The Golden Rule and he helps to teach kids how to respect themselves, each other and the world around them.

Stickmen have always been popular with children. Drawing stick figures is the first way children express their world.

STICKMAN STEW doesn’t need batteries. He’s powered by a kid’s imagination.

Unlike most action figures, STICKMAN STEW has universal appeal to both boys and girls. And at under $10 retail, he’s bound to appeal to parents, too,

STICKMAN STEW is just one character in his own respectable, collectible world aimed at kids 4-9. He’s the leader of the Gold Heart Crew which includes STICKGAL SAL’, STICKKID SID’ and STICKGIRL SHIRL’.

STICKMAN STEW and the Gold Heart Crew have one thing that ties them all together: each one has a Heart of Gold.


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