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Product Description

Stop-it! is a multi-purpose net for use around young children to establish safer play boundaries on your drive way, in your back yard, at the park etc’

Stop-it! Our easy to use retractable, portable, bright red ‘Stop-it!’ net is highly visible from a far and helps to set safer play boundaries where ever you choose to use it.

Stop-it! Our creative design allows for ease of set up and take down all the time..

Stop-it! Establishes both a physical and imaginary line that;

  • Stops balls from rolling into the street from your driveway to help prevent children from running into active traffic.
  • Creates a safe play boundary on your drive way for kids to play ball, ride bikes, play chalk games etc..etc’
  • Simply acts as a simple fence to keep unwanted cars out of the driveway while your children are playing there.
  • Stop-it! Does not replace parental supervision, however it helps to create boundaries to enhance it.


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