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We are so excited to bring you TwoSees. They’re like onesies with a rear view. An opening on the back allows you to check your baby’s diaper for poop on the go without having to remove his pants. TwoSees are made of pure white 100% 7.5 oz. interlock cotton, on the thicker side, pretty stretchy, and very soft. The easy-peek opening at the waistband is overlapped and vertical so it naturally stays closed under baby’s pants. Because you can check your baby’s butt through an easy-peek opening in the back, there will be: NO MORE stopping what you’re both doing for a poop check. NO MORE having to wrestle him away from his toys to lie him down, pull down his pants, lift up a leg and stick your finger into the diaper to see if he needs a change. NO MORE wasted trips to the public restrooms because you smell something. NO MORE guessing. Grandmas and Grandpas LOVE TwoSees too! Many have said that their sense of smell isn’t what it used to be and being able to take quick peeks frequently is a huge help. One more thing day care professionals WANT them! Think about smelling a poop in a room full of kids wearing bodysuits without an easy-peek opening. And of course, your baby will LOVE YOU for them. So fast and easy, don’t you wonder why no one’s thought of this before’ Each of the 3 gift TwoSees has a different design of my own creation. I use only soft, non-toxic, water-based screen-print dyes, which feel like fabric, not plastic. They come in a cute yellow organza bag and ‘Baby is Sleeping’ doorknob hanger and the cotton tote are my gifts to you. Thank you for considering TwoSees for a baby YOU love. Warmly, Dotti Templeton, Chief Executive Grandma

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  1. 5 out of 5


    Genius product!

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