Kids in Danger – Defective Products Under the Microscope

Without sounding like a bit of a scare monger, I thought it would be prudent to shed some light on the danger kids are in across north America. American non-profit organization Kids in Danger (KID) is dedicated to educating parents, training engineers, designers, and manufacturers, and advocating for improvements in childrens’ product safety in cribs, toys, bathtub seats, bunk beds, car seats, carriers, costumes, crib bumpers, high chairs, gates, play yards, strollers, walkers, and other potentially dangerous items.

Generally, companies wouldn’t publicize that they sold defective products, and the most remarkable thing about recalls is very few people respond to them. It is believed that only 20% of recalled goods are returned. It’s a tough job convincing kids to part with their toys, for example. And the second most remarkable thing – disturbingly so – is that the safety commission can not say how effective a single recall has been. But because few companies know who bought a product, publicity is generally the only way most can reach customers. “The whole system in which the government, particularly the C.P.S.C., communicates to the public is fatally flawed,” said Rachel Weintraub, director for public safety at the Consumer Federation of America, an advocacy group. “They send press releases out and hope people see it on TV or on the radio.” It does not help that the safety commission, the federal agency charged with protecting consumers, is severely limited in what it can say about safety investigations.

Even after a recall is announced, it cannot disclose any information that the recalling company does not want disclosed, agency staff members say. Wow! Isn’t that just AMAZING? That they can’t disclose ANY information that the recalling company doesn’t want disclosed? This is where, honestly and truly, a Parent Approved Parent Tested site like ours CAN give parents a voice in these matters. It is my hope that you’ll leave your comments and pop back here from time to time to tell us what you know about what’s going on out there. We’re always in need of family product Evaluators – As an Evaluator, you will receive free products in exchange for your opinion on the appeal and quality of the items.

Enjoy our new blog!

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