Beauty Corner: The Wonders of Falsies

michellefakelash I’m a firm believer that a little mascara, blush and lipstick is all you need to look polished for everyday. But sometimes us moms need a little more than just the everyday. Whether it’s cocktails with the girls or an intimate dinner with the significant other, bringing out that inner bombshell requires a little more effort. Nothing adds a touch of glamour like a pair of falsies – false lashes that is! If you’ve never considered it, you must at least once in your life. Faux lashes really transform your entire look. If you’re attempting to apply them on yourself for the first time, here are my step-by-step instructions for a seamless application.

Lovely model Michelle before shot

Lovely model Michelle before shot

Step 1: Lashes should be applied to the base of the lash. As a guideline, line your top lash line all the way across with a black liner. Stay clear of waterproof liners if you do not have a steady hand. Instead, take a thin angled brush and dip into a black powder shadow. Use small strokes to ensure proper definition and to avoid mistakes. Then take your cream or liquid liner and apply over top of your powder shadow. Step 2: Before applying the lashes, curl your own lashes with a lash curler. Apply mascara – this will help the glue grip better to your lashes. Take the fake lashes out of the box by pressing down and out starting on one end, then the center, and then the other end with your thumb on the lash. Never pull the lashes out or you will end up tearing the hairs out. I usually test the lashes on the model’s eye before actually gluing it. This way you can determine if it needs to be cut in half or not. Step 3: Now that you have lined the upper lash line, you can use the liner as a guideline to help you apply the fake lashes. If you have applied the lashes on top of the line then the lashes have been applied wrong. The whole purpose of the line is to see it. Step 4: To apply the glue I like to use a toothpick or a metal spatula. Apply the glue on the lash line (use more glue on the outer edges as it typically lifts there first) and wait until the glue is tacky before applying to your eye. This will help it adhere better. The lashes will be applied at the base of the lash. Remember to use your liner as a guideline. Using tweezers or your fingers (if you’re a pro), apply the lashes starting at the center, then pressing on one side and then the other. It make take a few tries if doing it by yourself so if you need to restart just apply a bit more glue on the ends again. Step 5: Once you’re done, look up and from side to side. If you can’t open your eye then glue has gotten onto your lashes. Just take a bit of eye makeup remover on a Q-tip and run it over the area. If you feel a stabbing pain in the inner corner, then you have applied the lashes too far in. Give it a little tug towards the outer corner. You’ll still have a bit of time before the glue completely sets. Step 6: Apply mascara on the top to blend the natural and fake lashes together.  However, mascara is not necessary all the time if the natural lashes are not noticeable. Reline your lash line to hide the fake lashes. To remove, just dip a Q-tip in your eye makeup remover and run across your lash line. This will help soften the glue and easily remove them from your lashes. Gently pull off and remove the glue from the base of the fake lash. If you’re planning to reuse the lashes, saturate them in your eye makeup remover then gently rinse with warm water. Try not to rub them as this will loose its shape. Store lashes in the original lash box.
Michelle's looked transformed with fake lashes.

Michelle's looked transformed with fake lashes.

Easy right? It may take a few tries before you can perfect it but it’s worth it once you see the end results. Lashes don’t have to be over-the-top and gawdy. All you need is a few individual lashes or half lashes to enhance the natural shape of your eyes.  Everyone needs a little glam in their life right? Have you ever worn fake lashes? If so, how often? If not, would you consider it?

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