Cellulite What Cellulite

I have pretty good body image, I think. Sure, there are things about myself I’d like to change but I only focus on the things I can change with healthy habits. For every part of myself I am not crazy about, I can name another thing with which I really am satisfied – even happy. I am still breastfeeding, and I have some weight left to lose after my last baby was born in November, but overall I feel alright. But cellulite. If there is one part of postpartum that makes me feel as unattractive as possible, it’s the cellulite. I got it the first time around, I got rid of it, and now it’s back. Mostly, if I avoid looking at my own ass in the bathroom mirror before I step into the shower, I don’t think about it. Except… the yoga pants I wear every day for work are not looking so hot. I swear, if the light hits right from above you can see the dimples on my ass through the pants. Got cellulite?

The oh-so-familiar "cellulite squeeze"

Cellulite is just fat. More specifically (in case you actually don’t have any cellulite… humph….) cellulite is the term we use to describe the dimpled pockets of fat on the thighs, upper arms, butt and abdomen. “Orange peel” and “cottage cheese” are a couple of terms you might have uttered before while squeezing that patch on your inner thigh. While your hubby might have the odd bit, mostly cellulite – like menstruation, childbirth and bikini shopping – is a woman’s problem. Here’s the bad news:

  • Cellulite is believed to be largely genetic – a woman can be overweight and have very little cellulite while another, leaner woman might have particularly stubborn patches of it. Thank your mom.
  • Cellulite cannot be “cured” with any lotion, potion or procedure. Not a single method or product has solid scientific evidence behind it. Results are minimal, temporary and not worth the money.

Here’s the good news:

  • Cellulite – like all fat – can be dramatically reduced with regular exercise to lower body fat and strength training to tone the underlying muscle
  • Cellulite’s appearance can be reduced with a healthy diet, lots of water (in you, not on you) and limited consumption of alcohol and caffeine.

My recommendation: move your butt, watch your diet and avoid bad lighting.  But isn’t that the answer to most of life’s mysteries? Where’s your cellulite?  Have you ever tried any magic potions to “cure” it?

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