Beauty Corner: Fall Beauty Trends With Celebrity Artist Andrea Claire!

I thought it only fitting to ring in September with some fabulous Fall beauty trends. Summer is almost done but there are some good things to look forward to – autumn colours, cozy sweaters, fall booties, and of course all the beautiful Fall makeup collections! I turned to one of my makeup gurus and celebrity hair/makeup artist, Andrea Claire, to dish on what beauty trends we’ll be seeing this season! Thanks Andrea for chatting! Fall 2010 beauty is more decisive than previous seasons. I felt that in the past few years we hadn’t really seen a specific trend. This season there will be no second guessing with beauty. Women will still have a choice and keeping with these beauty trends, all women can wear the Femme Fatale or the Pure Minimalist. falltrendsfurstenberg

Left: Diane Von Furstenburg Right: Lanvin
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Trend: Sparkling, Jewel Eyes
Sparkling jewel tones are making a comeback. They are flattering and let’s face it – very fun and wearable!
Tips: Press on sparkles and pigments as opposed to a sweeping motion. Pressing on the product avoids flaking as well as flattening out the multi-dimensions that are generally in this type of makeup. By sweeping, you can lose the dynamics of the various undertones that produce the reflective quality. To lay glitter over shadow use your fingertip, sponge-tip applicator or even a flat head makeup brush and press on.
Apply loose pigments over pressed shadow as pressed shadow will act as an anchor for the loose minerals and will give it a more consistent application and longevity. Avoid overkill with light reflective shimmers, glitters and pigments as the more you wear, the more you can resemble a Club 54 go-er! Think more modern, mixing flat and reflective textures together.
Keep in mind, everyone snaps photos these digital days. Flash on reflective textures on your eyes will not always look flattering in photo-ops. Another point to keep in mind is too much near your lash line will make your eyes appear puffy – especially if you are already tired. Brow bone, arch and mid-lid are great application points.
Pair sparkling jewel tones with darker matte shadows. Some colour suggestions for specific eye colours: Brown Eyes: berries, purples and golds, Blue eyes: cranberries, pinks, white golds, Green Eyes: Turquoise, Bronze, copper, Hazel Eyes: steel, champagnes, greens
Lastly, avoid the big flake: Shadow Shields are a key makeup tool!
Left: Donna Karan Right: Givenchy
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Trend: Bold Lips
Tips: Lip liners give you clean lines for a sleeker more precise lip as well as keep the lippy from bleeding. However, lip liners can look too geometric; soften the tip slightly before applying and blend the line with a cotton swab. Another must-do: apply liner AFTER your lipstick which helps to have a less harsh line or shade in the entire lip with your pencil so you aren’t left with the ‘ring around the mouth’ look.
For any lipstick/gloss application make sure your lips are smooth and hydrated (not wet) which will give you a more even application and therefore enhancing the lippy of choice finish.
There are a variety of bold lip shades to choose from this season. Something for everyone!
a. A burnt orange/terracotta lip? Stay away from coffee/red wine – anything yellowing to your teeth as your teeth will look yellow with orange-based shades. Teeth whiteners will help make your teeth look brighter and whiter.
b. A deep, dark amethyst lip? This femme fatale traditional shade is not for the cute or the faint of heart. It’s a confident and powerful look. Best worn at night unless your day job is at an uber-chic environment!
c. A glossy, rich red lip? Glossy reds are the most high-maintenance. Yes, anyone can wear this and with reds being such a classic color you can wear this day or night. Unless you are perfect at lining your lips, best to avoid lip liner. An awkward lip lining paired with a dramatic red can look a bit clown-ish. I love this lip with a dewy-high-lighted skin – so fresh and beautiful. (Do not match with your handbag and nails – it’s a tacky and dated ‘rule’ in my books)
Left: Nina Ricci Right: Louis Vuitton
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Trend: Dewy Skin
Tips: Dewy Skin is best achieved with liquids and creams. A must for application is a foundation brush- result is a perfect, air-brushed quality. For powder, the old school puff is great for application; gently press into the skin and then ‘buff’ with a brush geared to buffing the skin – mix of natural and synthetic bristles or a kabuki.
To get the most out of this trend, apply cream high-lighters with your fingertips and sparingly so you don’t look sweaty. A little just under your eyes on your cheekbone is great to as it will reflect light into your eyes acting as an eye brightener. Silver can look harsh on some skin tones and age categories – a champagne colour is a better translation from runway to everyday for every woman.
Liquid Foundation: With a dime to nickel size amount, start liquid foundation application with a foundation brush along side of your nose just under your eyes and blend out without adding more product onto the skin. This is the area with the most imperfections ie: shadows, uneven skin tone… by the time the foundation is blended out towards the hair line you will have minimal product on your skin and as long as you have the right shade of foundation, your base will blend right in.
Powder Foundation:  Best on skin that is normal to oily – dry skin will just appear more dry. Avoid powder directly under the eyes as it will dehydrate and crease exaggerating crows’ feet. (I am not a supporter of powder foundation – tried it numerous times, even new formulations, I’m just not a fan of the texture it leaves on the skin) What Fall beauty trends will you be wearing?
About Andrea Claire
Andrea Claire is a seasoned beauty expert. She started her career in Kitchener, Ontario before relocating to Toronto in the early 90s. In Toronto, Andrea’s career quickly blossomed where she went from salon stylist to session stylist. As both a hairstylist and make up artist, Andrea’s passion for the industry and thirst for success motivated and challenged her to continually better herself. We have seen Andrea on Stylin’ Gypsies, So Chic, Canadian Idol, tv guest appearances and behind the scenes for NY Fashion Week and Canada’s Fashion Week. “Relocating” became a popular word in Andrea’s vocabulary. In 2006, Andrea relocated with her family to Singapore where she became a regular team member for Bazaar, ELLE, Amica and VIP shoots as well as wrote many beauty articles with tips, tricks and trends.

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