Help Save the Earth by Using Re-usable Lunch Bags

kids-konserveAnd you say, just how?  They say it takes a village to raise a child. Well in this day and age, it takes the world to save the world. We all need to take a step in changing the world.

When my daughter started preschool, I noticed a lot of bagged lunches being brought to school. Unless those bags are being reused again on a daily basis, those bags become a part of our world’s landfills.  Now, that is happening all across the world which has a direct impact on our world’s environment.

After feeling like I had to do something, I started to research resusable lunch bag companies, eco-friendly lunch bags, and looking for anything and everything that had to do with this topic. Then I came across, Kids KonserveA company that was formed by two moms, who had an eye opening experience when they calculated the amount of trash being formed by their schools during lunch hour.

My favorite is the “Reusable Waste Free Lunch Kit.” The Reusable, waste-free lunch kit includes recycled cotton sack, cloth napkin, 304 food-grade stainless steel beverage bottle, food kozy and two 304 food-grade stainless steel food containers. Lunch Sack is 7? W x 10.5? T x 4.5? and comes at a price tag of $40. You can also purchase these items separately.

My daughter owns one and so does my 1 year old, who doesn’t go to school yet.  I think it’s great to reuse wherever you can and whenever you can.  My mom raised me on my Strawberry Shortcake tin lunchbox, and I will continue on the tradition of reusing to my children as well.  The best part is that you reduce your carbon footprint and save money!

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