Beauty Corner: Halloween Makeup Looks That Won’t Scare The Kiddies!

It’s candy time! Admit it – we dress up our kids in funny costumes and then pimp them out for candy. Of course I’m kidding – this is a running joke between my husband and I. What kind of treat will you be this year? Are you girly or ghouly? Have you ever dressed up so scary you scared your own kids to death? Here are some popular looks that will for sure get a few giggles: Snookin’ for candy! You gotta give it to her – she’s become a trendsetter despite what you think of her. Get the Look: If you have naturally dark, long hair invest in a Bumpit to give you that exaggerated lift at the crown of the head. Or just tease the you know what out of it. Once you have the desired height, use an elastic to secure it and pin with bobbi pins for extra hold. Spray with hairspray. If that’s too much work, you can go out and buy a Snooki costume that comes complete with a wig! For the face, the more bronzer the better. Buff it into the skin everywhere. Go heavy with the eyeliner top and bottom – the messier the better. Apply a few coats of the blackest mascara and don’t worry about clumping. Finish off her signature look with a pale almost white lip gloss. Yes, she’s outrageous but Lady Gaga is sure entertaining! She is definitely making her mark as a fashion icon with her out-of-this-world outfits, hair and makeup. But as a makeup artist, her looks are not only fun but inspiring. Get the Look: Lady Gaga meets Jem and the Holograms! Put the peroxide away and save your hair. Instead, buy a platinum blond wig with bangs. Get the pinkest eyeshadow you have and apply all over lid. Wetting your brush will make the pigment stronger. Apply a black eye shadow to define the crease. Line the top and bottom lash line with a black kohl liner. Now this is where you get creative – the “lightening flash” or “star” can be a little tricky. Use a thin pointed brush and a black cream shadow or liner to make dots. These dots will be your guideline. Connect the dots and fill in with the cream shadow. Dust a translucent powder over top to set it. To mimic what a flash looks like, add dimension and shine with a silver shadow. Finish the look with a pale pink gloss. Throw on a shiny top and leggings and make Lady G proud! With the phenomenon of Twilight, True Blood, and now Vampire Diaries sexy vampires are all the rage. What’s not to love? Well, I’ll pass on the pale skin but staying youthful for eternity sounds good to me! Get the Look: Be a sexy vamp. Use a foundation and powder 1 or 2 shades lighter than your skin. Bring it down to your neck if you have to. The eyes are essentially a smokey eye but with a twist. Apply black shadow on the lid and bottom lash line. Wing it out towards the hair line. Line the eyes top and waterline with a black eye liner. Use a red shadow in the crease and inner crease. If you don’t have a red shadow (who does really), use a pink or a brown shadow with red undertones. Contour the cheekbones with a darker powder or bronzer but just very lightly. For the lips, line and fill in the outer corners top and bottom with a deep burgundy lip liner. Use a brick red lip liner to line and fill the middle of the mouth. Dab a pale gold gloss or lipstick to the bottom in the middle. To make your lips look extra juicy, apply a shiny clear gloss over top. Add fangs for authenticity. 😉 What will you be this Halloween? Will you be going girly or ghouly?

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