Raising Sensitive Boys

Ty’s 7th birthday was this past weekend and I feel like I want to capture this age and remember the ups and downs of the last year with our amazing son. I feel like time is slipping away and that life is changing with him at a rapid pace. I’m not sure if it is just him, or whether the changes in boys at age 6-7 are always this drastic.

iPad is an iMUST for Holiday gifts

Ok, so although I spend most of my life talking about family products which are most often toys, diapers, snacks and of course, who will ever forget my obsession with the Shark Steam Pocket MOP (I can still watch that infomercial over and over again!), I am really a techie geek at heart. For this reason, I am going on record for a product that is un-PTPA related. Not submitted to PTPA, not tested by PTPA , but just one geek to another (I know you are out there fellow geeks)

Yoga at School

Many of us may remember as children the challenge it was at times to focus at school, or have watched our children as they sit at a desk and fidget while trying to learn.  Focusing ones attention for long periods of time can be challenging for many and the expectation to sit in a classroom environment with focused attention for…

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