The people are coming ! The people are coming!

Someone told be the other day how my shopping days were left until Christmas and I nearly fell over. How did this happen? Where was I? Then I realized that before I actually make it to Christmas I had to get through Halloween , which I did, unscathed and 2 birthdays ! I hate when holiday hell just sneaks up on you like that. I need time to get my brain ready long before I can think of actually making plans and shopping for the season. So I have decided I need to put a few things into perspective when it comes to this years Holiday Festivities… 1) Lower Your Expectations– not everything will be perfect, not everyone will be happy, the turkey may be a little dry and I can?t control ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING! But we all will be together, we have food to eat and a roof over our heads. (and mommy will always have a full bottle of Vodka in the cupboard) 2) Ask For Help– I have always been of the mind that “If you want something done right you have to do it yourself.” Since having baby #4 …I am now of the mind “Who cares if it?s right, let someone else do it.” Haven?t you heard? Pot-Luck is making a come back. It is now very chic to ask your guest to bring a yummy dish to the party…And those who bring booze are welcome to spend the night. 3) Avoid alcohol, it can increase anxiety symptoms.– HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! We all know this will never happen..NEXT… 4) Slow Down– Unless Aunt Ruby?s antique manger set is on fire, there is no rush. Leave lots of time in between parties and events so you can enjoy the process. I am really going to try and enjoy every little moment this season…even if it kills me! 5) GIVE– no matter how simple, giving something you have to someone who needs, will always make you feel better. There is truly no greater gift…Unless the someone who has is giving you (the someone who needs) a pair of Jimmy Choo crushed patent platform caged sandals…. Pick Your Holiday Punch… 2 cups White Cranberry Juice 2 cups Pomegranate Juice 1 cup lemonade 1/2 cup blueberry schnapps 1/2 cup limoncello Ice Mix all ingredients in a large bowl and serve over ice. You can garnish this punch in many different ways to adapt it to any holiday event. Black licorice for Halloween, fresh cranberries for Thanksgiving and rim the glass in icing sugar for Christmas. This is a family friendly punch, feel free to add Vodka at will to make it adult friendly… Cheers

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