iPad is an iMUST for Holiday gifts

Ok, so although I spend most of my life talking about family products which are most often toys, diapers, snacks and of course, who will ever forget my obsession with the Shark Steam Pocket MOP (I can still watch that infomercial over and over again!), I am really a techie geek at heart. For this reason, I am going on record for a product that is un-PTPA related.  Not submitted to PTPA, not tested by PTPA , but  just one geek to another (I know you are out there fellow geeks). My iPad is one of those few products that I hold near and dear to me.  It is a tool that has completely changed the way I do things.  I have gone from the person who used to have her thighs burned by the heat of my mac laptop resting on them to the iPad lover who has it handy to answer any question at the drop of a hat (what exactly does that odd expression mean?  I know it works but just weird no?) The iPad is entertainment for the entire family.  When a brainstorm hits, I use Pages or Notes on the iPad to track my ideas, when a funny YouTube video hits (usually it’s someone making fun of my most recent TV appearance) it’s the Youtube link I reach for on the iPad.  Need to know how close Botswana is to your current GPS location? Google Earth on the iPad is THE most amazing thing ever!  Radio, yup, TuneIn Radio has got all the stations I love.  Kids need to be entertained?  Thank goodness for my Toy Story App that reads to them and all of the TV shows that are now available on the iPad.  If my husband wants to hang with me on TV night on the couch, but One Tree Hill is not up his alley?  Poker on the iPad works for him! Needless to say, the convenience of information literally at your fingertips without a heavy carrying case is what is most appealing about this device.  Last night I was watching a show and my husband and I could not figure out what previous show we had seen the actress on…Out came the handy iPad and before I had even gotten halfway through typing my question into Safari, the autocomplete feature had given me the exact link I needed.  Now really, does it get any better than this? Now when I travel, I am not THAT person in the customs line unpacking and turning on my laptop to prove that it’s really a computer and not a weapon of some sort, I’m simply that cool looking chick sliding out my iPad while customs officials ask me how I like it (and likely are trying to figure out how to confiscate it for their own use).   I can now do television segments and instead of bringing a laptop to talk about a particular PTPA Web site winner, the sexy iPad sits on the table beside me wowing the viewers. So for those of you who have held off purchasing it because why would you actually need another device to tweet, poke and blog from, trust me, you need this device! It will become the one item (aside from your Blackberry) that your entire family will be able to make use of and it will bring you many years of happiness. Ok, maybe that’s taking it too far, but the iPad really is an iMust. Own one? Would love to hear your favorite feature or the best app to get for it…

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