The Thankful Tree

Last year I did a craft with the boys called the Thankful Tree.   The boys enjoyed doing it so much and I thought it was such a great way to celebrate the importance of the season that we did it again this year.   I think it helps children to understand what the holiday is all about and, at least in my case, it is sure to produce some laughs.  My plan is to make this an annual event, saving all the previous years so we can see how things have changed (or not!) over the years.  Here is how our Thankful Tree craft went down this year… The Thankful Tree consists of making a tree trunk (with brown construction paper) and gluing leaves (hand prints cut out of construction paper in fall colors) to the branches.  On each of the leaves I wrote down something the boys told me they were thankful for.  Last year I only did a few branches and they mentioned family (hooray!) and things like triangles and swimming pools (obviously!).  This year the list of things to be thankful for was longer so I supplied more leaves and got prepared to write.   The list of things to be thankful for was all over the place with family again making an appearance (YES!!) as well as things like Joker’s (a local indoor playground), Zhu-Zhu Pets and Peanut Butter and Jelly (me too!).  Here are A&W’s completed crafts…

Clearly we have lots to be thankful for!  I really love this craft…it is quick, easy and a great way to get  your young ones talking!   If you try a Thankful Tree in your home I would love to hear what some of the things your little ones are thankful for.  Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

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